Meet Iphellusion

Iphellusion is one Abuja’s rising photography and fashion entrepreneurs. I got a chance to chat with her and get to know lady behind the brand


  1. Tell us a bit about yourself (name, what you do, location, qualifications)

I am Ifuanaya Ojiaku ,a professional photographer, fashion designer, art enthusiast and a pretend diplomat . Oh well , I studied History and International Studies at University of Nigeria Nsukka , so I am actually a” legal pretend diplomat

  1. How does it feel to be an independent woman and entrepreneur?

It feels awesome, amazing, adventurous .It feels like a sort of mixed blessing. Sometimes it is amazing, other times, it requires lots of hardwork and can be very energy sapping. But above all it has been worth it.

  1. Tell us about your journey.

It all started from a two weeks photography class in an entrepreneurial program at Daystar Christian Center back in 2010. I made up my mind after the class that I loved photography enough to pursue a career in it.

However, I had to wait till after service (i.e. N.Y.S.C )  and then looked a for a studio to train  and ended up in studio 24 , a reputable photography studio in Abuja where I trained and worked for 2 years and later resigned to start my photography journey.

  1. Why did you choose photography?

I know its so cliché but I had passion for photography and every other thing came as an added advantage.

  1. In what ways has it helped you as an artist?

It afforded me a platform to express myself freely

  1.  How have you been able to effectively merge your love for fashion and photography? Share your    experience in both fields with us

Its been quite interesting. I will just summarize them both as quite adventurous. It comes with much responsibility and requires lots of discipline. I am still at the start up stage, it is really not easy but like I always say; it is worth every effort.

  1. what would you say are your favorite moments in life and as an entrepreneur?

Yet to have my favorite moment in life. My favorite moment as an entrepreneur is the moment I believed in myself and conquered my fear to move ahead.

  1. what challenges have you faced in your line of business?

Funds, lack of power, lack of photography institution and resources but thanks to the internet, we are able to bridge that gap.

  1. what fun things do you do for yourself outside work?

Surfing the internet , movies , hanging out with loved ones ,moping through art collection, goofing around and dancing

  1. how would rate the photography and fa‎shion industry in Abuja compared to other states?

They are still at its growth stage unlike Lagos. Though I still think that we lack the synergy to work together as one in order to go far.

maternity-shoot baby photgraphy 2 baby photgraphy 4 IMG_8127 IMG_8142 maternity 11 bride 5 bride 2 maternity shoot 6 baby photgraphy 5

  1. Does work enable you to have a social life?                                                                               Laughs… these days I cannot even separate one from the other .
  2. what aspect of photography would you say sells better in Abuja?

For now weddings, family portrait, baby photographer and advertorial shoots

  1. what should we expect from you in the nearest future?

A well-established fashion and photography studio and a little bit of diversion to soft furnishing


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