Meet Xavier Ighorodje: Co-creator One Chance

Xavier Ighorodje is a very interesting character. He is the co-creator of One Chance and an obvious beard gang activist. Check our profile on him and ladies application are by hotness only 😉

But first, watch One Chance Chapter 3 here

1. Introduction/Personal life: well, I’m Mr. Xavier IGHORODJE. Reformed Internet troll, Patron saint of lost causes. Content creator and writer. A graduate of chemical engineering from the University of Benin – first son in a family where my siblings share names like Teresse, Valorie, Alexandra, Grandeur and Faith (Yeah – she’s the normal one). My hobbies basically includes reading anything, especially fantasy based epic novels by Brandon Sanderson and GRR Martin in that order and watching paint slowly dry on a wet day.

2. Journey as a film maker: Honestly I don’t consider myself a film maker. James is the film maker in all sense of the word. I’m just the guy who makes sand castles in the air, dreams weird fantastic things and farts fairy glitter and pixie dust. I think members in the country’s film industry must not claim what’s not theirs in Jesus name. But on a serious note.. No I can’t be serious. That’s that.

3. What inspired One Chance: James had this mad idea of doing a found footage take on the one chance experience between friends inspired possibly by god knows what inspires him – he gave me a phone call late January last year and said just this much. It was weird it was crazy.. I lover it. How were we ever to make it work? I returned to my lair and after a series of contemplation, I began to develop the ideas, the characters, the friends and all. You should see the first 3 episodes I wrote on it involving a coke snorting maniac and a bus his boys “took” – lol. Thank God they had the sense to not do that version of one chance but to tell me, “No Xavier – we need it centred around 3 friends, and just one phone.. Not more than one device. Get out.” I got out.. Did some divinations came up with 13 scripts and here we are.

4. Have you experienced One Chance before? Have I experienced one what before? Who do you think I am? Yes.. And I recorded it on a phone.

5. What do you hope to achieve with this project: what I hope to achieve from this project. Lol – I think a million USD would cut it. But first… Taking a real situation all Nigerians can relate to and reporting it in a form that is true to life is foremost. I’m glad to an extent the crew and all who worked on this project were able to deliver on that. That and an episode 4 that will get you laughing raving mad. Maybe getting an AMVCA nomination and doing something crazy while receiving an award too. I hope to get that from this.

6. Why the love for thrillers? *screams* JAMES!! WHERE ARE YOU? *the “you” echoes on in the background.

7. What are your favourite movies? My favourite 3 films? I know people would be expecting me to say stuff like Casablanca or The godfather or Alfred Hitchcock’s, Psycho or a space Odyssey. Truth is, I love Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and it’s a trilogy so that does it.

8. What was your first paycheck?
My first pay check was 30k for a feature film I wrote which till this day is stuck in production hell. I was still in school then, doing my industrial training so it meant much that someone believed in me that much. Yes the industry is the future it’s worth donating your liver for and your kadava to be experimented on when you die.

9. Actor i’d like to work with in Africa, is Jocelyn Dumas just because I’ve got a mad crush on her and I’ve told James, or I’m telling him now – I told Fifi (my producer) that on our next production she must feature. *clears throat*.  I would love to work for Peter Jackson, Andy Serkis, Gore Verbinski and Zack Snyder. Yes you didn’t see me mention the greats there. I’m that shallow.

10. Well I have a Sundance award winning documentary titled THE WILL OF IRON which I wrote on Vimeo, dow.ry season 2 on EbonyLife tv and others that I would have to kill you if I told you now. Just keep a weather eye open.

11. To unwind I eat a lot – fish and chips and palm wine or pizza and coke or chicken and chips have been known to make me write better afterwards. I also watch lots of movies and make up reasons for being unable to see my few remaining friends. I think my hobby also comes here too.

12. What to expect : Expect me to have sold the rights to filming my first book to WB.

13. I sadly can’t give advise to a film maker. But to writers or would be writers remember that just as you can’t learn to compose songs (write films/tv shows/anything) for an orchestra (for actual production) by just listening to music (by just watching movies), you’ll need to master the art by reading and training and finding a mentor to teach you. Get your acts together and see you at the Oscars.


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