Adventures of Isys Drain: Freedom Hall Abuja

Last night’s freedom hall was my best to date.
I walked into Sofa Lounge excited and ready to be inspired and entertained by pure art and that is exactly what happened.

A bunch of my friends came too which made it even more fun.
I was happy to see the crowd, it gives me joy to see the appreciation for true talent and quality entertainment increase.

The first performance that had me grinning like a school girl high on cake was by Tayo, a rather good-looking young man with a guitar and a beautiful voice. He did a cover of a song by Paolo Nutini *sighs happily* it was beautiful.
Then Dike Chukwumerije came on stage and proved to the world that Spoken Word is bae!!! Christ! I was having wordgasms, his delivery was subtle, his voice rich and his words… you wouldn’t understand save you hear him yourself.

CEF took me back down the musical lane with his songs ‘Angeli’ and ‘Piggy Bank’ backed by the beautiful Paulette. Aysia was also a major highlight for me, unique sound and I love female guitarists.
There was one clueless dude that came on stage to dance to his own groove and sing nonsense that I can’t wipe out of my brain, thankfully for him I can’t remember is name but I’m sure he was high on his own cluelessness.
Anyways, moving on.

Bash Amuneni another wonderful spoken word poet came up to dazzle us with pieces such as ‘Isiewu’ and ‘Is this moment’ were entertaining to say the very least.

And then the Star of night Brymo, the son of the carpenter, brought me to my feet. He truly is a talented singer and songwriter! I was swaying and singing along as he performed songs like ‘ Eko’ and ‘Ara’. It was amazing.
The night ended on an all time high and here I am smiling as I share my adventure with you 🙂

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