Death is Not An Adventure #RIPNandir

My heart is bleeding with pain, loss and sadness.
I lost a friend and I can not be Isys Drain today. This is not an adventure, but words sown in sadness.
I was fine until I heard the news of Nandir’s passing, shock was my first reaction and of course denial.
It couldn’t be! Nandir had more life in her than 8 salsa dancers put together, no she couldn’t be dead. But then dp’s started changing and memories of her smile appeared all over Instagram and I knew it was real.

Nandir was the brightest light I had ever met in the Salsa community. Happy, Energetic ,always smiling and a spectacular dancer! She out danced everyone on the floor, never got tired and was so patient when teaching. She was my definition of a strong woman, a fire cracker in her own right and the life of the party.
Makes you wonder how a life so full, could end so quick. They say the good ones go first, I say the good ones should never leave.

I hurt more for her babies than I do for myself. Joe is but a few months old and will only have memories of his mum, as told by others, to grow up with. His brother is a teenager and will not have a mum to share his accomplishments with, just a broken heart and a picture on the wall. No one deserves to lose a mother at such a young age.

Today at Open Air Salsa, the air was heavy each person holding tight to their tears, praying they wouldn’t fall. I thought dancing would cure me of my weeping but my resolve broke when Wale Aleb did his tribute dance along with Elevators, a hiphop crew Nandir managed.
The song was ‘see you again’ by wiz khalifa and soundtrack for Fast and the Furious 7.
It was too much, the flood gates opened and I was balling like a five year old.
How could I not?
Nandir didn’t deserve to die, I’m not one to question God but couldn’t she have been spared a few more years?

It was sad to think that death was the reason for today’s gathering but such is life. Nandir, you will be missed, I could write pages and pages but wish as I may, my words can not bring you back. My fondest memory was when we both met at Jabi lake to do a video recording for Elevators and of course when I interviewed you for a feature on Salsa.
I will hold these memories close to my heart and wait patiently till I see you again

Farewell dear friend, Goodbye Nandir


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