Meet Etubi: An Artist and Illustrator

Today, I took a different route with my profiles. The honesty with which Etubi Onucheyo responded to his questions was touching, so I decided to post as is. P.S. Etubi is my favorite artist, I’m a major fan!


My name is Etubi Onucheyo and I have been illustrating since I was a kid but started professionally in 2010.

am back DON_7600 hbd to me

Growing up I was heavily influenced by my older brothers and every thing animated on the tube, even now I am still under the same influences but now I have attached names to them. I am inspired by life in general, anime, manga, cartoons, my art buddies (Ifesinachi Orijiekwe, Harrison Yinfaowei, Mohammed Agbadi and Bolaji Olaloye ) and a lot of random artists (Edwin Huang, Jeffrey ‘chamba’ Cruz, Oda Echiiro, Sean Galloway, Patrick Brown, Joey “joverine” Vriens, Lesean Thomas, Joe “JOeMAD” Madureira, Park Yong-je, Dave Rapoza just to mention a few).

For me, art, apart from the work that has to be done to be good at the craft it needs to come from the heart (cheesy I know) but that is how it is, you have to love it to go through all struggles that comes with it.

My journey has just begun but I have seen enough to know that this is the only thing that would make me happy. I have had bad and good clients, I have missed deadlines, I have done “free thingz”. Through all these things I know that the life of an illustrator can be lonely but that’s why I thank God for my art buddies always there to be honest with me and show me the way.

mumu 01pg11 mumu 01pg12 mumu 01pg13 mumu 01pg14 mumu 01pg10

Recently all I have doing is comic book illustration. I have worked for comic republic as a freelance colourist (“guardian prime” and “avonome”) while I was cooking up “mumu juju”. I have worked on some other stuff but I can’t mention them yet cause they are still in the pipeline.

I don’t really have a favorite project, I try to treat all the stuff I handle as my best and have fun on each.The industry needs a lot of work, art isn’t yet as appreciated as it should be but we are getting there. There is profit to be made… a lot, we just have to push whatever it is properly.There are a lot of avenues and ways for comics in Nigeria, they just have to be propelled properly. The artists just need to get a bit more business savvy.

As a comic illustrator, I hate and love my job it is nice to wake up and draw for a living and get paid for it. Right now I am in love with “gravity falls”, “star vs the forces of evil”, “steven universe”, and “one piece”, cartoon-wise.

My dream project would be “dan iska” it is a personal project that I have been working on for a while and all other personal projects are currently geared towards it’s creation.Thank you for the opportunity.

link to my work below

instagram and twitter, @artdriod for

deviantart –             release poster step12 avonome warm up ee paint GP 06 promo 3 lone wolf phunny bunny release poster step12


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