Meet Akah Nnani #OneChance

So One Chance episode 5 is out, watch here

I got the chance to speak with Akah Nnani, who plays ‘Sly’ in One Chance.


• Tell us about ‎yourself
hello, I’m Akah nnani. I’m 27 years from Imo state and a graduate of mass communication. I’m a broadcaster and an actor. My interests are politics, entertainment and agriculture. 

• Share your journey as an actor
well, my journey as an actor started about a year ago. My first audition was at the Mnet, tinsel audition. I did well and was cast for my first movie called “Redemption” on MNET’s Africa Magic
I went on to act in three other africa magic movies. I am also currently on tinsel and ndanitv’s “one chance”.

• how long have you been acting?

I’ve been acting for about a year now. I’ve worked with Sola Fosudo, Sola sotimerin, Tunji Sotimirin, Shafy Bello, Ricardo Agbor, Gloria young and its been amazing so far.

• What are your other interests?
business and youth development. There is so much I want to do and and have the opportunity to create. There are so many ideas i have that need to be executed. I also have a passion to influence and educate the youth positively
which is very important. The young and growing generation need more positive influences that will point them in the right direction.

• What is your opinion of the Nigerian entertainment industry?
It’s a time bomb that’s just started blowing up. I believe it has the potential to touch the four corners of the world and do us  a lot of good but there has to be a proper structure put in place to maximise the impact of the industry’s growth.

• what’s your take on the standard of actors
available in Nigeria as regards talent and skill?

We have really good actors in Nigeria but when I look at the western actors… i feel we have a long way to go. we could get more training, do more research, we could invest more time into characters for movies… you know.
A movie is shot in two weeks, it doesn’t give actors time to immerse themselves in characters. However, I think we do a good job depicting the characters that we see in our african world.

• Do you think the available talent (acting), in Nollywood is exportable?

I think a few of the available talent are exportable, just a few, especially if the character they are depicting to the world is african, they would do a good job. We need more african characters in hollywood actually. Nigerians are everywhere in the world and there are very few people in the united states or the UK who haven’t had dealings with an african at least once in their life time. so… hollywood should add a little african angle to their movies. it happened in one of the x-men series where they met an igbo speaking man. it was hilarious and was amazing.

• Are there any Nigerian actors you admire?
I admire Pete Edochie and Zack Orji. i love them.

• So how did you land your role in One Chance?
i heard about the audition online, i decided to go.  I did the first round of auditions and thought i performed horribly but I was sent an email for the second round, much to my delight, and i did that too. I was grateful i passed when i was given the role and script.

• Tell us a bit about your character?
The character I play in one chance is called sly. he is playful, jovial, but he is fiery and temperamental. he is very practical and isn’t afraid of risks and is very loyal. you would get to see more of him as the episodes roll out over the next few weeks. i bonded with the character because he is a lot like me…

• ‎What did you enjoy most about the creative process that went into making One Chance?

It gave me the chance to dig deep into my emotion and expression. i had been waiting all my life for a character that would give me the opportunity to much myself in my performance. i wanted to show myself and people what i could do, what i was capable of and in the ending episodes of one chance, i got that opportunity to create something i am proud of.
Also, the whole process of shooting this project was just unbelievable. it was shot in found footage and so we shot entire episodes without breaking because it had to look like a camera phone was recording so every actor and crew member was on point! because a single mistake would mean restarting the whole shoot for that episode. 

• With One Chance making massive waves, what do we expect from you? 
more roles, more projects, better performances.

• If you were to pick a movie title to express where you are in life at the moment, what‎ would it be?
Crouching tiger hidden dragon.

Thanks a lot Akah, we can’t wait see what next you’ve got in store for us!

Tune in every wednesday for One Chance


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