Adventures of Isys Drain : Thor on Tour

I just had the most amazing day.
Today I met Torbjorn (pronounced thorbear)a danish man who set out a little over a year ago to tour the world by road on a $20 a day budget. Impossible, right?
Wrong, he’s been at it and is still on it and I’m absolutely in awe.
I met up with him today as part of his visit in Nigeria, to take him sightseeing at the arts and culture village .
He has the most amazing blue eyes that lit up with excitement when he spoke about his journey and the experiences he’s faced since he left his home over a year ago.
His family at first were confused as to why he chose to embark on this journey but as they began to understand his vision they became quite supportive and even his girlfriend has traveled down to see him in a few of the countries he’s visited.
He told me tales of the people he has met on this journey, from Rihanna’s father in Barbados to the poor man on the street that gave him shelter from the rain in Panama. He even met ‘Mountain’ from Game of Thrones too.
He feels he’s been inspired by the Viking nature of his people to travel the world and experience this adventure that will change his life.
The purpose for this project is more than travelling the world on a budget though.  Thor has been a goodwill ambassador for the Red Cross on his journey and is passionate about sharing the positive sides of every country he visits and prove that there is more to these countries than the negative stuff we watch on TV. He’s also finding out new facts every day about each country! Did you know that Nigeria has the widest diversity of butterflies in the world? Plus we speak over 500 languages but 9 have gone extinct?
Toh, I learnt something new today which made me happy.
What interested me the most was how much Thor knew about various cultures in Nigeria. He had definitely done his research. He is of the opinion that the Nigerian economy can thrive on Tourism because of our rich cultural diversity and I agree. Dubai did it and they don’t have that much variety culturally, they built to impress and advance their tourism sector to sustain their economy, imagine how easy it would be for us.
Anyway, I had a swell day! I’ve been gushing about it and thought to share with my awesome readers.
Watch out for his interview coming soon on EL Reports , Ebonylife tv, Channel 165 on DSTV
For more about his journey around the world, visit
Or ff him on instagram and twitter @onceuponasaga

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