The Adventures of Isys Drain: Kaffy Storms Abuja (Part I)

These my adventures ehn!

So here I was scrolling through instagram minding my own business when I stumbled upon this a post saying Kaffy is coming to Abuja/ I halted, then I screamed then i re-read the post. Obviously as a non-dulling dudette, I sharply hit up the organizers and created room for my bum to be present at the event! My people the rest is dance history!

Come 20th of August, i was excited. I was going to meet Kaffy Shafau-AMeh, the dacner that set the standard for dance in Nigeria, the Guinness world record holder, the CEO of imagento studios, creator of Ijoda, *takes deep breath* you get the message right?

the event was hosted by BodyRox Studios, one the coolest fitness studios in Abuja, located on the 2nd floor of Silverbird Cinemas. I walked in , said hi to everyone including Icebox CEO Bodyrox studio and made my into the studio to find a corner to set up shop while i patiently waited for my sidekick Uyai to show up and of course for Kaffy to make her entrance and boy was it an entrance. Decked out in Kaffy merchandise from head to toe was Kaffy looking hip, hop and all shades of awesome! Now I had to play it cool, this was work but in my mind I was doing cartwheels, its Kaffy yo! Kaffy!!!! ok ok *breath isys breathe*

Sooo, the workshop kicked off at 12.30 with stretches to some awesome empire sound tracks. Next we went straight into Choreo. The first choreo was called ‘Anything’ and Kaffy went through the steps with the dancers, assisted by Sanni.

Then it was time to put on the music and everyone put the moves to test.

Next choreo was the ”Kill Mosquito” to Iyanya’s ”Kukere”. It was hilarious! Each step had a name like ”catch and put” ”watcha” ”exatele”‘ and other really funny stuff. so’s after nailing that choreo we got into the next one which was hiphop, dueces and it was the illest.

IMG_20150820_123449_edit IMG_20150820_131633_edit IMG_20150820_143623_edit

some of abuja’s seasoned dancers like Adila, Paulette and Eno, shone during the workshop and went hard on the choreo. Take a look

The class went from beginners to advanced in no time and Kaffy was definitely bringing the heat! i mean i got tired just by watching

anyways, the class ended with stretches and it’s on to  DAY 2!

IMG_20150820_150128_edit IMG_20150820_151119 IMG_20150820_151134

for live tweets and posts of this workshop ff @isysdrain on Twitter and Instagram!


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