Dear Diary: Sisters by Bond

Dear Diary,
It’s been ages since I wrote about myself and my experiences, I’ve been so busy trying to catch up with myself lol.
2015 has been quite a year, ups, downs, highs, lows and every other thing in between.

I came to Lagos this week, to sort out a few personal matters and decided to take a break as well regardless of everything I had to do. Life had become slightly overwhelming, in a good way but I needed to clear my head, shut down and regroup.

As I scanned through my thoughts and the way things have been this year only one name came constantly to mind; Sarah.
I have been blessed with many spectacular friends in my life but no one has been or can ever be like Sarah has been to me. She is the definition of what a friend ought to be.
I was talking about her to someone and I couldn’t stop because I realised with every word that came of my mouth that I love and appreciate her so much that I was trying to make sure everyone understood how much she meant to me lol.

Let me explain. At the end of 2014, I was convinced that my life was over! I know it sounds dramatic but I’m not kidding. I had hit rock bottom, depression had come back to reside as my permanent side kick and I couldn’t seem to move forward. I’d been dealt a heavy dose of bad friends, distractions and I was obviously doing an awful job at being me and having a life. I was slowly descending into an abyss of nothingness and was falling sick based on nothing more than sadness.

Sarah saved me. She stopped her life to help me find mine. From whisking me off to her house to help me recover to taking me in to help me start over, Sarah was the god we ought to see in people everyday. No questions asked, no judgements made. She became responsible for me, my well-being and my growth. She became my mother, my sister and my friend. She took me as I was with one goal, to make me better and help me stand on my feet with no fee attached. Tell me what more could I possibly want out of friendship than that.
She saw me at my worst, at the height of depression and did not stop caring for me and being there for me until I snapped out of it.

I don’t know how she did it because Lord knows I can dwell on helplessness for forever. I wasn’t the easiest person to handle either with my butty problems, stubbornness and pride that never did me any good lol but she stuck it out with me and look where I am!
I’m back on my feet and living a life I’ve always dreamed of. God has obviously given me a gift I will cherish my whole life and that is Sarah Tonye Williams. She’ll be my children’s godmother and my friend forever because she is that one person who never left and believed in me regardless of everything I was going through.

She’s smart, funny, witty, intelligent and has enough drive to move a whole country, lol and I love her to bits. If you ever bump into her after reading this post, give her a hug and tell her thank you for me.

A happy new Isys,
Bye Diary…

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