Adventures of Isys Drain: Acoustic Night

I have never had the kind of fun I had tonight before at any show I’ve attended in Abuja.
I don’t exaggerate my happiness.
Music, good, live music makes me ecstatic and today Delphino Entertainment gave me that at it’s show ‘Acoustic Night’.

It was my first time attending ‘Acoustic Night’ and any event done by Delphino Entertainment, I have heard plenty but tonight I experienced a jaw-dropping show that has me up writing right now because I don’t want to miss out any detail!
I went as a presenter for Ebonylife TV, and blogger/live ‘tweeter’ for Isys Drain, how I managed to combine all of that I don’t know but that’s not what this is about, lol.

Let’s start at the beginning, I arrived right on time for set-up that took less than 2hours considering the time constraint. The team worked like ants to achieve perfection and I was in awe. My crew and I set up and got to work, making plans for red carpet, behind the scenes and coverage as EbonyLife TV were the official media partners.
I got ready, face beat done and heels strapped on and we started with the Red Carpet. I had fun asking people about their expectations for the show.

Behind the scenes for me was an awesome Selfie Venue lol! I got a Selfie with everyone I interviewed, go me lol! But, but… I digress.

The show was a success of epic proportions. Where to begin? Dunnie, a beautiful upcoming artist/singer/songwriter and producer was the first to know my socks off with a rock cover of cynthia morgan’s ‘Don’t Break my Heart’ and an original song of hers.
Next to dazzle me was a cool, suave artist called Honey, with his silky smooth voice and corn rows.
Hmm then Aramide who did a beautiful cover of ‘Ekuro’ by Davido and scattered ground, Lord!!!

I ran out to get my interview with Timi Dakolo, then ran back in to listen to Ruby Gyang as sang the room to silence the moment she opened her mouth with ‘ Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston. Voices that make me bow, Ruby oh Ruby!!! Whitney would be proud, you did her justice.
Gospel on The Beat introduced us to ‘Alternate Sound’ live on stage, epicness.

I could go on forever, Timi Dakolo was the first to get people singing along and on their feet, but then there are no surprises there. He is a seasoned and spectacular singer and performer.
Hmm the epic highlights however were the throwback phase of the show that took us all by surprise!
Abuja people are not tush lol, Papa Fryo came out on stage to perform and everybody stood up and let loose! I was proud of Abuja people and now I know, they respond to quality.
As if the shock of Papa Fryo was not enough, the next act was none other than the ‘Danfo Drivers’! The crowd went ballistic!!!

Then Sound Sultan came to take us down memory lane and was introduced by a singer (I have to find out her name) I shan’t be forgetting her voice anytime soon. Hmm people, I have respect for Wizkid too, he performed impromptu live with Sound Sultan singing ‘Kokosa’. I was happy and dancing myself to exhaustion lol.
Then Yung 6ix performed (rapped) to live music. His energy was intoxicating and his understanding of performance took me pleasantly by surprise.

And after much prayers, Wizkid closed the show making us turn up the dancing, ending his performance (unplanned) with Ojuelegba.

The hosts Chigul, Matilda Duncan, Zainab Balogun, 2face Idibia and guests like Lynxxx, Darey Art Alade, Joselyn Dumas, Mai Atafo, White Nigerian amongst many others tagged ‘Acoustic Night’ as a star studded event.
Also, the audience was happy but I don’t think anyone was as happy as I was today because of the quality music that was dished out to me tonight! It’s 4am in the morning, lol. I couldn’t wait, hehe!

Shout out to Ebonylife Tv, EL Reports, EL Now, my boss Arit Okpo and of course Delphino Entertainment for showing me exactly how it ought to be done! Acoustic Night, no words will do it justice but it is the beginning of greater things to come!!!

Pictures coming soon…
Ff @isysdrain on twitter and IG

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