Opinions Suck!

Well not all the time and everyone is entitled to them but they can be annoying sometimes, especially when you think you know it all and enjoy listening to the sound of your own voice so much.

Regardless of the ‘suckitude’ though, opinions, criticism and comments aid a writer to see his work from the perspective of his audience, improve on mistakes and be a better writer.

It is for this reason that you see ‘Read, COMMENT and share’ in every broadcast and post I put out to promote my blog.
My blog is public, the content is open for your critique and comments. I can take it, my guest writers can handle it too but how do we know that you appreciate our work and have suggestions to make us better if you don’t leave a comment?

Now some people do and I personally appreciate it and a comment left on the blog by my readers will encourage me, but more importantly, it will encourage and motivate the guest writers that feature their work on my blog.
We want to be better writers, we want to know what makes you happy and take corrections based on your suggestions, so for every post you read that puts a smile on your face, amuses you or just catches your attention, please drop a comment, let us know our readers aren’t ghosts, LOL!!!

I was in lagos a week ago and went to see my cousin. You can imagine my shock when she told me she had colleagues at work who actually read my blog, it made me happy, I felt appreciated but I was also a bit sad. I don’t know my readers because they don’t comment, all I have are stats and numbers that I check to know my progress via wordpress.

Anyway, you all get the message. I refuse to bore you with unnecessary grammar. Thank you so much for reading my blog for so long, opinions suck but they help us grow! Keep reading people, we appreciate you

Lots of Love,
Isys Drain


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