Adventures of Isys Drain: Dance Out with Elevatorz

If there’s one thing that inspires me to write it’s dance. Today, after a workout class with Adila, I headed to TDA studio in Sheraton to be part of Dance Out with Elevatorz, abuja’s foremost dance crew.

I’ve been a fan of Elevatorz from the first time I saw them perform at RAW, a dance cypher organised by Krump studios.
They dazzled me with their performance and the cleaness of their moves. They danced as one and brought a smile to my face.

After qualifying to compete in Dance with Peter, the boys came home to Abuja to prepare for the competition and do a 3day hiphop workshop for their fans and dancers.
To say I wasn’t impressed by what witnessed today would be a great lie. I was blown away.
The class started with warm ups by Michael and then went straight into locking 101 with Green.

I found it amusing with some of moves having names like ‘the Scooby doo’ ‘ the uncle sam’s point’ and stuff like that.
Then there was Choreo session and the track was Uptown Funk, which had me wriggling in my seat.

After that, it wound down with a recap of all the classes from monday and then ended with selfies galore!
I’m inspired and most importantly I’m happy to know dancers who love what they do enough to learn more about it and share with others!
Dance Out was awesome! I can’t wait for the next one and goodluck to Elevatorz on Dance With Peter!

Enjoy this Dance cover by Elevatorz : Earned it by The Weeknd


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