The Birthday Post: Love loves me

Love Loves Me

It’s my birthday. It’s barely half way gone and I’m already shedding tears of joy.
This past year has been a roller coaster but God has been good (understatement of the century, lol)

I’ve come to love, accept and believe in myself and believe me, that has been an age old struggle but when Love (God) loves you who are you not to love yourself? I’ve always found it easier to love other people, take care of other people and be there for everyone else but myself, it’s the way I am, lol. I’m inspired by people’s happiness, motivated by the joy on everyone’s face and happy for everyone because it makes me happy.

But now I am happy with me. I have been blessed with friends who have stood with me in my darkest days, dragged me out of my self-pity and forced me to see the light within me that I, for such a long time, could not see in myself.
God has placed so much within me but the internal struggle between self-esteem and self-belief held me back and I didn’t even realise that, the lack of love for myself was my true obstacle.

Life breaks you down sometimes and you do not realise how much your inhibitions can stall your progress, I am a Fearless Seed today by God’s grace (P.s. You need to read Fearless by Sam Obafemi, talk about a wake up call!)
I still haven’t fully embraced myself but it’s an exciting experience.

I know this is the least I shall ever be and the sky is but a stepping stone to my success in life now.

I thank God for His grace, Love, mercy but mostly His LOVE, He named after Himself for a reason and I now I know why. For those who don’t know my name is Ifeoluwa (Love of God)

With that I have to say thank you to Sarah Williams (my big sister), Susan Ukwenya, Ik Odukwe, Feyii Fredrick Feyii, Boma Eremie, Ife Olaolu, Funmi Johnson Ojo, Dara and Timi (my brother and sister) Jemima Angulu, Abiodun Giwa, Feranmi Owolabi, Bose Sobodu and Tobi thank you for sticking by me through thick and thin.
And thank you to everyone who wishes me well,

One last thing! I’ll be @ Freedom Hall today, drinks on you fun guaranteed!
7pm, Barcelona Hotel, Wuse2! See you there!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!


2 thoughts on “The Birthday Post: Love loves me

  1. Happy Birthday to my sis and friend of Life. You’re really a good person. I still remember the funny place and way we met and like we’d known each other for years, we discovered we shared the same passion; PR, Entertainment…same birthday month! You’re just too much…you inspire me and remind me so much of me. We’re even on the same Natural Hair train. You’re just an awesome personality. Happy Birthday sweetheart. Have fun all the way!!!


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