So Linda buys a House

The Internet has broken, repaired itself and broken all over again over the uproar from Nigerian comments, bad belle and well wishers, and we all know why.

Linda Ikeji bought a house worth N500million!

Now to the bad belle people #ItsAllowed , please it’s a big deal! A freaking big deal! If you can appreciate the achievements of Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce, why on earth is Linda’s success a shock? Abeg sit somewhere and tweeze your brows in shame!
Wouldn’t you want to be celebrated for your own hard work?


6 thoughts on “So Linda buys a House

  1. So linda bought a house…..we have heard oooo, so many people bought houses on the same day linda made her own house purchase and we are not talking about it till now…..the truth is that u feel the same level of euphoria from buying a house whether its 5million or 500m….na the same feeling….i congratulate linda but I urge sycophants too just chill….we have hear!


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