The Adventures of Isys Drain: A Pink and White Weekend with MedicAid

The Adventures of Isys Drain: A Pink and White Weekend with MedicAid

A good cause is a good enough reason to come out, exercise and raise some funds all at once. Today, the MedicAid Cancer Foundation pulled out residents of Abuja and some of our favorite celebrities to join the 1 million man Walk against Cancer!

The initiative was spearheaded by the 1st Lady of Kebbi State and principal practitioner at MedicAid Center, Dr Zainab Bagudu, who has been running this cancer awareness program for 6 years. This year she decided to make it bigger and better to help spread the word and raise funds to help treat people suffering from this disease.


Participants gathered at the MedicAid Center bright and early all clad in pink tees and wrist bands ready to ‘Walk Away Cancer’.


Along with the participants were celebrities like Kate Henshaw, Korede Bello and Uche Jumbo. The walk was all kinds of fun and of course was amazing  with Dj causing us to boogie all the way down!

Trust your girl, I could barely contain myself, it was ‘ginger’ all the way 😉

Fast forward to this evening…

The White Concert for Cancer was the fundraising part of the #CancerAwareness Initiative by the Medicaid Cancer foundation and it was a blast.
The Harrow park greenery was the perfect setting for the event and the contrast of white outfits against it was a delight to behold! Please, the fight against cancer had gone white, people!

The event was star studded and distinguished guests from around the country made the event worthwhile.

The show was hosted by Dare Art Alade and Kate Henshaw with Chuks Da General to lighten the mood.
The performances came back to back with the likes of Ruby Gyang, Korede Bello, Adila the Acrobat, Dija, Olamide and loads more!


By the end of the night funds raised exceeded the N10m that was raised last year at the last fundraiser. All proceeds will go to providing treatment and screening for women and people suffering from cancer.

Special shout out to iBlend services who did an amazing job putting the show together and of course a great thank you to Dr Zainab Bagudu, for having a heart of gold and seeing this as a worthy cause to fight for!

Watch out for the full feature on EL Reports (Ebony life TV Channel 165)

So your girl is knackered, but it’s my adventure and I just had to share! Signing out,

Isys Drain

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