Pause Chapter 5

Chapter 5 by Daniel Okosun

“Ermm, my dear, visiting time is over.”

A voice came from behind Bio’s shoulder after a few hours. Oriseasotie leaned to the side to see who spoke and winced from the pain he felt in his rump. Rosemary stood at the door with a tray in her hand.

Bio had turned to look at the newcomer. Both women exchanged pleasantries, evidently they were acquainted. Bio turned again to face him on the bed. She smiled at him, then leaned over and kissed his head. Oriseasotie froze. Everything seemed so surreal and unrealistically quick, how was she kissing his forehead already?
“I’ll be leaving now. I’ll stop by after work tomorrow. What would you like me to get you?” She asked.
Oriseasotie shrugged, at a loss for what he wanted from this gorgeous stranger who made his heart feel this warm. She squeezed his hand and stood to leave but stopped. “What did you say your name was again?”


“Oriseasotie.” He replied.

“I know there’s an English name there somewhere.” She replied. “That will be easier for me.”

He smiled at her, “It’s Jeremiah.”

“Jerry,” she said, “I’ll get you something that will leave you in awe.”

“How’s about you make things right with your father? I don’t like what you’ve said about you two. I know I would want to make things right with mine if I had one.” Oriseasotie said, fighting the emotions that would choke his voice.

It was her turn to shrug. She headed for the door. When she got to where the nurse stood, she placed an arm around Rosemary’s shoulder and hugged her tight, asking her to take special care of him, then she left.

“Hi,” Rosemary began as she came closer to Oriseasotie, “I’m here to administer your evening dose. How have you been?” She asked.

“I don’t know,” Oriseasotie said as a matter of fact, “I feel a tinge of pain shooting down my neck just right about here.” He said and rubbed the back of the right side of his neck.

Rosemary had dropped the tray on his side table and looked closely at him, then smiled, “But of course you’re going to feel that way,” she said, “your head is placed awkwardly on your pillows. Let me fix that.” She drew close to him and leaned over to prop his pillows well. Her fragrance filled his nostrils, her bosom was inches above his face, and as though in a trance, he had reached for her, held her in a tight embrace, and kissed her.



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