Adventures of Isys Drain: Stop Making Noise!!!

Adventures of Isys Drain: Stop Making Noise!!!

Now my dear readers brace yourselves for this particular adventure, for it left me underwhelmed, appalled and annoyed.

As you all know, I’m a lover of the arts, nothing gives me more joy than beautiful, talent filled expression. Unfortunately for some, it also means I’m quite the critic and I absolutely despise mediocrity in that area more than others.

Hian, so I went to some event that was supposed to be an open mic of sorts at Silverbird Abuja. The true aim was to network and hopefully be entertained but my people, I was cringing from start to finish.

Chei,where do I begin? The Abuja crowd responds to quality and after what happened at that show, I fear the Abuja audience will give up on entertainment all together. It was that bad!!!

Some of the most irrelevant and talentless people that insulted the microphone included some guy that couldn’t remember his lines each time he took the mic and of course the song was crap, beat and all! I couldn’t weep!
Then some lady whose energy was fun but had no notes in her wind pipe came to sing ‘Believe’ by Cher and was reading the lyrics from her phone and ruining our eardrums, for heavens sake it’s not karaoke night!
As if that wasn’t bad enough, two local rappers came to make a mess, well the Hausa dude with his ‘fila’ was bearable but his ibo counter part was doing a bad imitation of 2shotz from Tribes men. *sigh*

Now there were a lot of acts like the above mentioned but I refuse to mention them because they just aren’t worth it, Lord help my soul. However, there were 4 acts out of the whole bunch that were worth watching.

First, a set of twins called Eucharia and Eugenia that i’d like to refer to as soul sisters.
My face lit up as their harmonies matched effortlessly to the sound of their guitar. It was beautiful to hear such talent and originality from young girls. Next was Azuka, a violinist who did beautiful covers to some popular songs including Sade by Adekunle Gold. Then of course, CEF who did one my favourite songs by him ‘Piggy Bank’ and lastly (sadly I can’t remember his name) was a young igbo rapper whose delivery hit home like, yo!!!

Shout out to Phyno, the guy that made me appreciate the Ibo language and is responsible for this revolution of ‘local’ (igbo) rap.

So people, that was my adventure. I am an advocate of supporting upcoming acts but I do not celebrate mediocrity, it will kill the true meaning of art. Imagine if there had been just 4 amazing acts to enjoy, rather 4 out of 15 noisemakers. Quality control applies to entertainment as well, you know.

With Love,
Isys Drain


2 thoughts on “Adventures of Isys Drain: Stop Making Noise!!!

  1. Isys, I feel your pain but hey you went for an Open Mic event! Why are you complaining? Open Mics attract both the talented the not so talented (to put it quite nicely) …


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