Adventures of Isys Drain: Road to Yesterday

It’s sad when your expectations become major disappointments.

Today my adventures led me, to the exclusive premiere of Road to Yesterday in Abuja and it was not at all what I had hoped for.
I was sold the moment I realised Ishaya Bako had written and directed the movie but unfortunately after seeing it, I was forced to question Ishaya’s ability to not only write but also direct, a thing I never thought I’d do.

Known majorly for his short films and documentaries which play on your emotions with his blunt and direct delivery , one would expect that he would be able to deliver a Drama with the right amount of passion required to make it an epic film, sadly that wasn’t the case.

Road to yesterday was extremely underwhelming and would have done a lot better as short film than a feature length movie. The casting was off, save perhaps one or two supporting roles. There was no chemistry between Genevieve and Oris. The flashback element was poorly utilised and the popcorn served during the viewing along with the running commentary was way more entertaining.

You know a movie is a bad movie when serious things like death comes off as humorous. ‎My sister rightly pointed out that in the new age Nollywood, cinematography is no longer a problem. Script writing, directing and acting however needs major attention, Road to Yesterday proved that.

The concept wasn’t half bad, the execution and the acting however was a mess. As a director, it is your job to bring your characters to life not leave them to be dead fish on ice. 

The film was largely a two-man cast and sadly neither the acting nor the dialogue had enough depth to carry the story.
With the many opportunities provided within the series of events, the emotions were so empty and dead that it almost seemed like a cross between a broken record and a silent movie, with the predominant phrase being ‘ Shall we Talk?’, I would actually name the movie, ‘The Talk’ considering how many times I had to hear the phrase. 

‎Oris is such a bad actor, I’m yet to understand why he was cast with his fluctuating accents complementing his lack of expression, I do believe he is the new age Hank Anuku. The lack of consistency in the characters put the film in the same category as the average Nollywood movies we all love to hate.
Chigurl was probably the most confusing character of the entire bunch as she didn’t seem sure about who she was and kept drifting in and out of character. 

One would think that in the absence of dialogue or the necessary emotions, perhaps sound would have provided the required build up, instead we were entertained by silence, emptiness, blank spaces  and the occasional inclusion of a soundtrack.

The movie was cliché and badly executed. The only highlights were the cinematography, the obvious Range Rover sponsorship and Genevieve’s red soles.
I give the movie a 2.5 and would advise they don’t make people watch it at the cinemas.

Kai, Ishaya has got a lot to do to redeem himself in my eyes after this, I appreciate the effort but I’d rather he stuck to his short films, this was a come up that just pulled him down.

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3 thoughts on “Adventures of Isys Drain: Road to Yesterday

  1. Judging from your review, this is not a movie to go see. This probably explains why the producers and distributors are not spending a lot to promote the film. I mean, having seen the film themselves, they probably are not confident enough to spend money promoting it.
    The truth is that is the reality for most Nollywood movies these days. Promotion/marketing is very poor. Most times, you don’t hear about a new movie until it is about a month away from release at the cinemas.
    Filmhouse cinemas needs to be commended though. Apart from picking up a lot more Nollywood films, they give these movies a reasonable degree of exposure. This is not to say there is not a long way to go, but considering it’s a relatively new company, I think they are doing pretty well.


  2. All this and the film has been nominated in seven AMVCA categories? It just goes to show how relative art is… some ppl will get it, others won’t.


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