My 2015 Series

When I first started blogging there was a blogging community of sorts and every other week or month there was a series happening that included bloggers contributing posts to a waiting audience.

This Christmas I figured I’d try it out and I came up with ”My 2015″ .


In this series we will hear how 2015 was for some people who have obliged me. Join in the fun as we countdown to the end of 2015 and share our moments, happy, silly and sad.

Want to join in the fun, well we’ve got room for more just send an email to called My 2015 .

The first entry is by Deolu Bubble, the guy that motivated me to start blogging in the first place, enjoy!

Hi Guys


I don’t do this often but Isys is very special and we go way back, way back like 2011 or so, not 1970 kinda way back, just a couple of years ago which was when I just started blogging. I still can’t believe I’m doing this because it was something I started on impulse and will be 5 in February 2016.

This post isn’t to look back at those years ago but just this present year and to look further into 2016.

My 2015,



I was very hopeful for 2015, after having a not-so-great 2014. My hope for 2015 was to be a better me, work better, make more friends, read more, look for avenues to make more money obviously, and also try to push my anonymous blog further. I mean I wanted big numbers and better ratings. God has been faithful in terms of my career, which is something I have to be grateful for.




One of the biggest highs for me in the year was when I got moved from department to department, I had more responsibilities, pay wasn’t higher but I just reveled in the fact that I had more buckets and more monkeys on my back. That sincerely gave me much joy. I also did a lot of reading to catch up on my new responsibilities, which wasn’t fun at first, but later on, I enjoyed it. The new role also allowed me travel quite a bit which was something I always wanted to do as a child, although they were not the first choice places I wanted to go but hey! Not bad either…


Another point was my blog, it grew exponentially around middle of the year, I mean the hits were over 300% increase which I didn’t understand but what I understood more importantly was that my highs were attached to my lows which I will explain later.


The highest point was when I bought my mum a car, nothing trumps this for me, it is not brand new but it is ‘Tokunbo’ and as a Nigerian, ‘Tokunbo’ is the next best thing to Brand New. This would make me happy for years.


I had more partners in the blog, the blog went from one or 2 posts a week, to a post a week on the blog, to all these people, I’m very grateful.




In the segment about my highs, I wrote about how my lows became high, explanation is here. In my organization, there was some sort of restructuring, big management consultants came and said as usual, you need to fire so-so amount of people. In my mind, I knew I couldn’t be in that pool to be emptied but it lurked somewhere in my subconscious that it could be me. In the midst of all these, someone gave me a lifeline, someone I have never worked with ahead of someone I had worked with almost 4 years. It was the new position that was described in my High segment. It felt like I had just been born, the new experiences were spectacular.


Another low for me came in February 2015 when I tried to update the blog and it went kaput, seriously kaput. I was so sad because I thought I had lost it all, I love my blog, the blog had opened me up to many amazing people through the years. So, day and night, I worked tirelessly. After a couple of hours, due to my small tech skills, I was able to bring it back up and when I did, the views just blew up.


One of my major lows, I urged myself to do more about my school stuff, I couldn’t, It will be forever on my mind till I get it done.

16 Things I hope for in 2016


  1. To be more successful in career
  2. A bigger leap for my blog
  3. To drink more alcohol (I always wanna do this every year)
  4. Learn to dance (I’m a terrible dancer, I admit to this one)
  5. Probably find love
  6. Exercise more
  7. Read more
  8. Eat less
  9. Be closer to God
  10. Mini-me!
  11. Worker Smarter
  12. Make shitload of money
  13. Be more open
  14. Take more risk
  15. Stop buying TVs
  16. I wish you all the best in 2016.


‘Deolu Oniranu-Bubbble!

Twitter: @deolububble



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