The Adventures of Isys Drain: Her Majesty’s Visit

The Adventures of Isys Drain: Her Majesty’s Visit

So my weekend was a complete whirlwind. Like every other superhero, I dashed into a keke (we don’t have phone booths in this country) and reappeared in my super woman outfit (which is invisible) to pull off my duties!

Event : Her Majesty’s Visit
Type: Stage play
Duration: 2 days
Duties: Online PR

Additional work: Management tinz

So here’s how it went down! I went for a night of salsa to ease the tension and brace myself for the weekend ahead on Friday night after publishing the weekend line-up

Come Saturday, I was ready for the roller coaster!

First stop was the venue for a performance at a wedding slated for Saturday night. I had to inspect and make sure all was well before heading to the venue for the play. While this was happening I was tweeting on the go.

The view I walked into was unexpected yet exciting. The set for Her Majesty’s Visit was ready, elaborate and the picture of what theatre should be.
I dashed off to attend to a wardrobe crisis with my talented Adila ringz (you’ll meet her soon) and then to sit in on final rehearsals before dashing back to the venue for the play.

Once it was performance time, I changed, met up with the crew and off we went to give a performance of a life time to the newly weds.

Fast forward to Sunday morning after 4 hours of sleep.
I got dressed for church and packed for the day, then went off to Coza to enjoy the Word. After service, home I went picked up my bags and made my way to the venue for the play!

Promise (theatre)_352090_edit

It was the highlight of my weekend. People of Abuja turned out in droves to see the much talked about play and I can confidently say they were not disappointed.

The event began with light humor from Osama and then went on to entertain us with Bidemi Sax who rendered a few Christmas numbers.

Lights went out and then… the play began.

Her Majesty’s Visit was a play centred on the war that ensued when Simpah, a runway son in America, had an unexpected visit from his Nigerian mother. Simpah had left Nigeria for the states in search of greener pastures, leaving behind his family and fiancee. He ended up marrying himself an African American wife and though he wrote letters to his family, he never sought their blessings. He also didn’t break-up with his fiancee!


Joke Silva played Mama and kept us on the edge of our seats as she took us through the troublesome antics that typical African mother-in-laws put wives through, lol! Danielle was played by the talented Najite Dede and she turned on the American character spectacularly.
The man of the hour and the brain behind this production, Patrick Otoro played Simpah, the man stuck between two warring women!


The audience had a blast as everyone burst into laughter, gasped with shock and sighed in unison as the play took us on a beautiful journey.
I believe the revival of theatre in Abuja has begun and Her Majesty’s Visit has set the standard.
The play was written by Onukaba Adinoyi Ojo and directed by the awesome Chidi Ukwu!
I’m just happy, sleepy and satisfied!!!

Watch out for more plays by Eagleview Art Productions, the next one being “Grip am” written by Ola Rotimi and featuring Patience Ozokwo

It’s a long read but I had to! Next stop #GidiThoughts much love,
Isys Drain


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