Boxing Day Special: The CASAF Food Bank Project

Tired as I am, I have to tell you how The CASAF Food Bank went!
So I met up with my sister Dara

in Gbagada and joined to team CASAF. The journey to Makoko was fun, we were on a mission to feed 400 and that is exactly what we did.

When we got to Makoko, we walked through the alley to the community Church where the food supplies were to be distributed by the team.

At first we were able to organise everyone by giving out tickets to distribute the food, the target was to give a pack to every mother for each family.
The first batch went fine

By the second batch however it got ridiculously rowdy, the moment we’d run out of packs it went from eager mothers to a mob!
We escaped through the church window but the mission was accomplished.

I was humbled and thankful for the life I have. It was a privilege to be part of The CASAF Food Bank Project. Thank you to everyone that supported, let’s make it bigger next year! God bless!!!


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