My 2015 series : 100% Joy

My 2015 series : 100% Joy

We kicked off the series with Deolu Bubble, next up is 100% Joy, enjoy 🙂

I have been thinking for days what theme best describes my year, given the fact that It has been a very eventful one, I was still thinking about a theme, when my thoughts were interrupted by a call for testimonies, a couple of people came out, but the guy who caught my attention was the guy on the wheel chair, I asked myself what could this guy possibly have to testify about. Soon it was time for him to testify, and he was all smiles, he said “I am thankful for my wife being a year older, I want to thank God for my daughter, and I really want to thank God for my new wheel chair, see? (He turns on it) it’s new and shiny “tears came streaming down my face, I felt shame and remorse for grumbling about the things I didn’t have, when I have been so blessed throughout this year.

Suddenly it hit me sitting right there in Church that I am one of the lucky ones sorry Favoured ones and it was my year of awakening, I was schooled all year by the Man Upstairs.
2015 is a year I have so much to be thankful for, I found my path, I began to walk and work it, I am thankful for a wonderful and supportive family, I am thankful for finding love, for the friends who betrayed me, I am thankful for the friends who stood by me, I am thankful for wonderful clients, and business relationship built, I am thankful for the times I was let down, the time I got a no, and the times I got a yes, I am thankful, for food, air, shelter, clothes and beauty all around me, I am thankful for how much weight I was able to lose this year coming closer and closer to my desired weight goal. I am thankful for the gift of life, yes this is the most important and emotional one for me, because I would have passed on in August, but God wasn’t done with me yet, it was the most traumatic experience of my life, but through it all, I came to understand how frail life is, and how important it is to be at peace with all men at all times.

My lessons were endless, I learnt to forgive even without an apology, but also learnt that forgiveness doesn’t mean you open yourself back up and set yourself up for another fall. I learnt to choose my battles, not everything is worth the drama. I learnt to control my temper, staying calm in the midst for drama is overcoming self. I learnt the hard way that pride never did anyone any good. I learnt to treat people the right way not how they treat me. I learnt to take people as they are, no judging. I learnt to be kind to people who are unkind to me. I learnt that love is give and give, not give and take as we have always been made to believe, so regardless just give. I also learnt that people will always have an opinion on what’s best for you, but guess what, they are not you, so their story is not your story. I have learnt it’s never too late to make positive changes , every day I continue to be a better version of me, a work in progress.

The truth is this, we grow up believing a lot of theories we are taught about life, how we should live it, who we should be with, what we should eat, where we should go, what we should do, how we should behave, how we should treat people, what’s important, I found out this year that most of it is bull crap, write your own story, tell it your way, in the end let your life be your choices, so you can happily live with the consequences or rewards which ever it may be. Most importantly I have learnt that above wealthy, fame, riches, affluence, beauty, gait, and all, making a difference in the world is what really counts. Success, I have discovered, is not how much money you have in the bank, or how many people you are able to work all over, it’s in the lives you impact, and how many people are able to stand because of you.
So my gift to you all is this, Give and give of yourself, leave people better than they met you, light every room you walk into, impact in every life you encounter. If u want something go ahead and get it no matter how difficult or impossible it looks, if you love someone, go ahead and tell him or her regardless of what people say, think or what is obtainable, if you want to take a different life path don’t be afraid explore it, if you want to dance under rain, or run on the beach or travel the world, DO IT. Life is a journey, and u don’t walk towards living it, you live it every second, so take your chances and make the best out of the time you have, you never know when that light goes off eventually, so make every second count. For me 2015 has made me ready for 2016 a better version of me.

So here’s my wish list
– be a better version of me
– love unconditionally
– a peace and prosperous Nigeria
– Be a candle with which God writes his love story to the world
– be a source of Joy
– Lose the last stubborn 6Kg
– all my dreams coming thru ( 10 dreams)
OK so that’s 16 already lollll

Now that’s a 2015 worth writing about, our next entry is from Tj :* stay tuned


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