My 2015 series: Toju

Ok so due to the craziness of the past couple of days ‘My 2015’ is going to come in rapid succession, twice or thrice a day till the 31st! Keep up people and try not to swoon as you read Toju’s 2015!

I gave up on New Year resolutions a long time ago and even though the sun does not shine differently nor does the day or night leading to the New Year suddenly become longer or shorter (in other words, I feel the whole hullabaloo and fuss isn’t necessary). Yet, I admit that a part of me still looks forward to it, if not for nothing, at least for the free drinks and food available during this period *special emphasis on the word free*.

So, 2015 is virtually over and I am still a bachelor (not like I was expecting my status to change though). A friend of mine called me sometime this year and informed me that “they” (my association of friends) will soon form a hashtag begging me to get married #TojuGoAndMarry. I laughed so hard, obviously he had not heard the saying that the race is not for the swift… (I don forget the saying sef). Another friend of mine said that all their daughters are being groomed to be my flower girls at my wedding… apparently, you girls aren’t the only ones getting heat on this marriage thingy o! Just like you girls, a brother gats to be careful, the streets are tough these days and ladies be thirsty like camels tryna pin a brother down (lol)

….. But I digress.
How really was 2015 for me other than the fact that Mama Patience and Pa Jona graciously left the villa and Alhaji Mai “go slow” aka “I am po epribodi and po nobodi” marched gallantly into the villa with ice prince’s Aboki playing at its loudest… (It is what I heard o, don’t quote me). Anyways, if you live in these parts, one phrase on the lips of everyone now is: “there is no money everywhere now o!” it is so bad that landlords are like “you don’t have my rent? Oti o! oya pay me what you have…” even churches be merging to save on running cost (shit, where do I come up with all these stuff?).

Again I digress, what was I talking about sef? *thinking* Aha! My 2015.
I will be real here, my 2015 had it all, the ups, the downs and the down right below sea level where boys were struggling for air but in all this, 2015 showed me that nothing was really entirely up to me. Go ahead, plan, make all the right moves, it’s still no guarantee. All the jobs I got this year were all based on either relationships or people I had met or done something for who recommended me or gave me a lead. I could not help but acknowledge the fact that the way you treat people or handle an assignment can tomorrow make or break you. No, I did not build a duplex in the heart of Maitama or Wuse 2 nor did I buy a Rolls Royce Phantom, but I definitely moved my career three steps forward. For that, I am truly grateful to God.

The year also brought along with it pretty girls of different shapes and sizes… *allow me a moment here* you know, I always ask myself why God made us such physical creatures that are so attracted to what we see and yet we are just to choose one! *sad face* if you ask me, this sector should be “privatized” open up the sector and reduce the monopoly of a few. (those in agreement say ‘’I”).

Family and friends were also a big part of 2015, my kid sis got into the service corp and my dad came back “home” after years of service, I guess my mum is stuck with him now. (Lol). Friends like Chuchu, Sly and Victor were terrific as always while my god daughter Elaine Mowah started crèche (the girl be balling) and Mrs Itodo (Iyawo Simon) put to bed.
On a sad note, I lost my Granddad recently, he was a gentleman’s gentleman in every sense of the word and will be missed. Before I end this, I will like to state that I am grateful for the gift of health, life and food… yes, food. This year saw me making some terrific meals that got the friends asking “Are you home? I was just passing by” their fada! Matter of fact, there is this particular fair skinned adorable female friend of mine that best fits this profile, right now I’m not certain if it’s me she’s tripping for or just using me for my exceptional culinary skills.

Here is to a wonderful 2016 and the hope of Gods guidance and blessings.
*in Odega’s voice* “I’m harrayeah mehn!”

Amazing right! Ok next up is Boma and Ms Einsteinette! See you tomorrow

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