My 2015 series: Boma

So here’s the first entry of the day in My 2015 series, enjoy!

It’s that time again where most people sit and take stock of the past 12months or so. We tick the right boxes for all we got right and tick some boxes just for the heck of it. After all, who better to judge how successful we were at doing what we said we would right? I don’t see anybody complaining.
For me, it’s been…well…different. New president, longer hair, more grey in my beard. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been awesome. Moving from hearing the never-ending monologue we call the electoral process to sitting and waiting for change to happen has brought to light certain…realities.
Still, I will try countdown without digressions but…where to begin?
If I thought I would see the day when a man would be named Woman of The Year…or scratch that, in the name of political correctness, a woman who hasn’t been a woman for as long as half my beard turned grey named Woman of The Year…? I haven’t the foggiest.

It’s been a strange year indeed. Maybe running for President isn’t all that it’s thought to be, since neither age nor the suspicious breed of animal that constitutes the mass of foliage covering a head long bereft of hair are deterrents.
Strange world we live in now. And it really doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown or…confused. Even if I frown at the fact that you believe your great-great grand-mother currently inhabits the dirty left sock under your pillow, or you rather the company of a cardboard cut-out with a bandana to a buxom blonde on a windy Thursday night, we can get along. Hey, we all have some crazy. I can handle the shade…without the fireworks and severed limbs, thank you!

So maybe I didn’t get to go down on one knee with a scalding lump of rock in my pocket (and a ridiculously deep crevasse in my bank account), and yes I did think a mini-me would make this particularly questionable character reconsider the folly of his brutish ways.
And I skipped the part of being an uncle because The One had other plans (no offence…I’m happy anyways…we are) but there’s so much love still left to give so why sweat the details?

In the end, it’s been a wonderful year. With all the cryptic insinuations and hanging thoughts even I wonder what exactly went…wrong at the beginning of this countdown, but we got it done.
There will never ever be another year like 2015, that’s for sure. Right now I’m just sitting and smiling at the decorations and sipping my room temperature water. This hammertan in Nigeria is legend…wait for it…dary!
Happy Holidays!!

Boma Ilamina-Eremie

Tonight, Ms Einsteinette 🙂


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