My 2015 : Isys Drain

Notice: My 2015 series will continue into the new year and guess what! We’re starting PAUSE Again!!! *whoop whoop* ok with that said it’s over to My 2015!

So it’s the last day of the year and I’ve got more than a lot to be thankful for. To be honest 2015 has been my most productive year in a while, but above all 2015 was the year of the unexpected. But i’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start from the very beginning ( stop singing Do-rey- mi, this isn’t the sound of music jor)

2014 was a very bad year for me. I spent the year being depressed, with no job and I was lost. It didn’t help that I was surrounded by the wrong of people. I call them ‘anchors’. People that are for you because of what they can get from you but against you once you have exhausted your usefulness. People that had given me a reputation I did not deserve simply because I opened my doors to them, literally. Even though I was part of a show in SA, my life was a complete mess. By the end of 2014, I was less than a shadow of myself. I had lost the zeal to live, to be me and to chase my dreams.

In my darkest hour though God sent me an angel, a friend. She came, took me out of what was left of my home and helped me start over. So 2015 started with a semblance of a plan. It wasn’t easy, I lapsed in and out of depression in the first quarter and became quite unbearable but she didn’t give up on me and pushed every opportunity possible my way until I slowly began to rediscover myself.

Then one day, I woke up and charged ahead. Fast forward to today. My company has struggled past the 1 year mark, I manage two amazing acts Adila and Ajay whom you’ll meet next year, I did PR for a play starring Najite Dede and Joke Silva, I worked with Kaffy and then on Dance With Peter for Abuja auditions which was both a blessing and a curse and I have more in the pipelines.
I ended the year in Lagos with Adila and met wonderful dance people! 2015 has been a blast!
I have met some amazing people, I took a shot at love and I became a better me.

I’ve learnt to keep my circle tight, work hard for what I want, expect no favours and stay focused.
I also learned that I am in competition with no one but myself so, the challenge is to be a better version of the woman I was yesterday.
More than anything though, I’ve learned that life doesn’t give you what you want but what you’ve worked for, I’m building an empire on my own terms and I’m ready to put in the work.
2016 has no idea what’s about to hit it! I refuse to fail, I refuse to back down and I refuse to be a liability to my friends, family and husband whoever that is.

So my thank you’s

God, of course, who brought me through the valley and placed me as a city set upon a hill. To Sarah Williams-Konha for saving me from my darkest self, to Boma for keeping up with my blond moments, to Usman for listening to me constantly whining. To Adila and Ajay entrusting me their careers, to Deola Are for being my buffer, my readers that have kept this blog going and to me for loving myself again.

2016, I have one mission to grow exponentially and build the next phase of my empire.
This is the least, i’ll ever truly be.

My Wishlist
Well it’s materialistic but honest
• A car: It’s a necessity I can no longer ignore
• A tablet: so I don’t have to keep lugging this laptop around
• Make-up kit – Apparently, I’m not allowed to be team natural for 365 days of next year *weeps*
• New wardrobe – Yes quirky me, needs a slight upgrade, apparently I don’t do my curves justice, lol
•Shoes – You know I love my shoes!!! Kicx and more
• well I definitely have to lose the weight I gained this holiday sha
• I won’t chase money, I realised that all I need to fulfil destiny will locate me. So align myself with my source and receive
• I promise to start dancing again, even if it’s only salsa
• Ok and bae can like to appear in 2016 as well, requirements no plenty. Be driven, focused responsible and willing to help build my empire.
• Greater levels for Isys Drain

That said next up is Ms Einsteinette!


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