My 2015 : Ms Einsteinette

I remember how many years ago I’d play in the rain, run around in the front of our compound and play with other kids. Play “mummy and daddy”, “tinco-tinco”, football on coal tar, “catcher”, flying kites, riding tire, riding bicycle and all those things. Run into the house in time so the parents wouldn’t catch you playing outside. How we’d sweep dirt under the rug or under the sofa. Life was so simple but then we wanted to be adults. We grew into teenagers that often felt misunderstood and we felt adulthood would be the escape.
Many years down the line and now I wish I could be a child again. Just so I can laugh, cry ,play and do anything I want to, because as a child, we had amazing freedom of expression. We were so pure.

I am also grateful that I have grown and I am still growing. 2015 was packed with a lot of memorable experiences. It was the year I learned many life lessons. I experienced new things outside the comfort of Abuja and that changed my perspective totally.

Things I learned in 2015:

If you want it bad enough, you’d work for it. It would not just be a wish but a goal.
The law of attraction is real. If you can think it, you can attract it to yourself.
Talent is never enough. Strengthen your talent by spicing it up with education.
Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone to get the kind of comfort that your future family would thank you for.
The kind of people you surround yourself with affect you and the viability and speed of your goal attainment.
Create your own opportunities. Don’t be scared to walk up to anyone and start a conversation.
Be prepared, so when the opportunity comes, you’d take it and people would call it luck.
Life is in phases and we all have transcended from one phase to the other. I had many highs and lows this year. I was sad a lot but I learned life lessons. I saw the state of people suffering and conditions people had to live in as a result of the greed of others. I understood the meaning of hustle and saw mistakes I had made over time from a better perspective. I completed my orange academy program, gained versatile knowledge in Branding and inbound marketing, got a job, got a house, met amazing human beings, attended some eye opening functions and award shows, met and became friends with Lemi Ghariokwu (If you don’t know him, google him) and became very socially conscious.

In the end, every experience is a blessing and a lesson. Stop wishing and start setting goals. There is a lot of promise in this world. Don’t join the bandwagon of complaining humans. Be a solution oriented person that always sees opportunities in problems. If you are a business person, take advantage of Total StartUpper and TEEP 2016. I have 3 goals for 2016, I have further broken them down and created plans but I’d share the 3 main goals.
Implement the lessons of 2015 (which I have started already).
Acquire more knowledge and implement more.
Invest and acquire assets.
Stop new year resolutions and set SMART goals. Be deliberate about your success. If not for anything, for your children’s sake. You do not want to feel that pain of inadequacy or being unable to provide. It’s not your fault if you are born poor, but it is entirely your fault if you die poor, no matter the circumstance. I have performed a mental and personal surgery internally and I have evolved into a new me.


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