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It’s the first day of the New Year. I stopped making new year resolutions ages ago and replaced them with goals.

The ultimate goal is to ensure 2016 is a million times better than 2015. My goals, I won’t share but how to achieve them well

• Identify them, keep them realistic and set time
• Ensure every day has its set goals, each day has to be productive
• Build relationships you can leverage on that will add value to you
• Cut off relationships that hold you back, tie you down or make you a version of yourself you’d rather not be
• Spend less than you earn, Earn more than you spend, save and invest
• Read, study, invest and improve your mind. You are what your mind can create, express and develop so build it till it becomes more than a weapon
• Do not procrastinate and do not become your own distraction
• Concentrate on being a better idea daily
• Above, say a prayer and give it to God daily

P.s. Love hard but love that limits isn’t love at all!!!

This year impossible is a myth, I am capable of fulfilling my dreams and achieving all I set out to achieve this year and so are you!

Happy New Year


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