My 2015: Christina & Victor

It’s double for the trouble with Christina and Victor. Enjoy!

2015 was the year my biggest dream came true: I got to go to film school 🙂

Film school for me is paradise. I’m surrounded by like minded people and I’m creating life long memories with them. I got to shoot my first short film at the Universal Studios back-lot! It was mind blowing.
I got to meet studio execs from Sony Film, Warner Brothers, Universal and Lionsgate and also pitch my movie ideas to these people. Totally crazy!

So this was my high of 2015: the school, the friends, living in Los Angels, running into hollywood celebrities. Totally crazy! I need to stop with the totally crazy.
Also, in 2015, I visited Las Vegas for the first time, spent my new year there, gambled and lost $60. I’ll admit, greed happened, hence the loss. I visited San Francisco which is a beautiful city. I visited Wisconsin, famous for beer and cheese 🙂
So I had a lot of highs, not many lows in 2015. A low in 2015 will be… my course at film school ending. I cried bullets. Literally. I miss my friends, the city of LA, my teachers, everything and everyone.

As for 2016, I’m not sure what the future holds, but I pray to God that I’ll be safe, happy and healthy.


Well the year has been so great actually from January to this very time. It has been wonderful. There were tons of things I really wanted to achieve this year and I did gradually and soon things fell in to place one by one. Somethings took some time and others happened immediately.
It was a year of blessing upon blessing.

 I saw my career take a whole new dimension. It moved from one point to a greater point. It was like a revelation for me you know in January and then I saw it come to pass as the year went on.
The Kickstarter projects at the beginning of the year in the end, grew and got bigger and better, I met a lot of people,  visited so many places and then it was just a great year.

I Premiered Nigeria’s first ever 3D animated movie, Dave and Golly.  This same year year I tied the knot with the one of my dreams and it’s been an amazing.
All together this year was just perfect you know, way better than last year and of course I’m not just going to talk about good things this year alone, it also had its own shaky moments,pressure from work, failure from people, rejections lots of hate but in all I’m grateful for those that made it so much fun. I look forward to a great year 2016 new projects and greater heights but I hope my experience blesses someone out there.
Never give up,
love Victor Enoch (animator/producer)


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