Dear Diary: Praying for the Right Bae

Dear Diary: Praying for the Right Bae

It’s ten days into the New Year and I’m sure we’re all tired of the resolutions, the happy New Year greetings and the last slices of holiday cake. Yes holidays are over, the grind continues as though it never ended and we all have started thinking of ways to replenish our almost red accounts after spending our way through Christmas.

The smart ones, like me, remembered to stock the kitchen before the holidays so we wouldn’t starve through January, the not so smart ones however, have empty fridges, lots of water and numbers and addresses of friends who can guarantee a meal or two a day while they figure out how to remedy the situation.

This entry isn’t about that though, I was thinking about my diary sessions I used to write once upon a blog post and figured I’d reintroduce them to the blog. I mean Isys Drain is, after all my blog, laced with the arts I love the most but it’s not personal if I don’t drop a page from my thoughts every now and again, so here goes.

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