My 2015: Cynthia

My 2015: Cynthia

The My 2015 series is almost over and it’s been a blast. Enjoy Cynthia’s 2015 here



January 1 of 2015 for me was one of the lowest momen. I attended a cross over service at Gwarimpa, Abuja. I spent it at one of my friend’s house and by the morning of January 1, 2015 I had no clue of how it was going to be and I didn’t have next step plan (and I hate not having one) but all that changed the next day, weeks & months that followed.


Somehow my admission scaled through towards the later end of January 2015 and I got my certification in Advanced Course in Multimedia & Web Design Technology in an Indian University. I lived, studied and interacted with 70 awesome people from different countries of the world.


While in Chandigarh India, We went looking for snow in Manali and when we didn’t find one because summer was gradually setting in, we made it to the peak of one the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Manali, India looking for snow haha! We found but it was silly I must say but fun.


Happiest Moments

My happiest moment would be when I was handed my certificate. I said to myself “Mission accomplished” I felt much fulfilled. Another happy moment for me was when I came home into the arms of my family.

My plans for the year well, didn’t go as planned but it turned out great. Now I know why my mum always tells me “Man proposes… God disposes”

2016 Wish list:

My wish list is more of a prayer than a wish list because prayer has always worked for me. I am leaving 2016 open for God’s will to manifest in my life and staying positively happy while casting all my burdens on God. He knows and will fulfill my heart’s desire.

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