Danboroba Dasuki

Danboroba Dasuki

You know how much I hate writing about politics but like play, like joke, topped with cold stone ice-cream, this Dasuki matter has entered the New Year.

When I first heard about the Dasuki scandal I was like ‘Dan Boroba Dasuki, you know try!’’ but when he started singing like an overstuffed canary, the only song I had on repeat was ‘Heads will Roll’’.

The general gist is $2.1 billion allocated for the purchase of arms to help fight Boko Haram, who have just refused to give us peace, went into the pockets of a few people apparently to help Goodluck secure a second term in the presidency. That obviously didn’t happen, since we’re all still singing Sai baba with straight faces.


Now here’s what I think. Dasuki was authorised to spend $2.1billion on arms by the president and this transaction was legally documented. He was then allegedly authorised to distribute the money for elections but we have absolutely no proof that that happened.

Now the money has been used to enrich people rather than the military and we’re complaining, well Dasuki had the power and chose to do with it as he wanted. Legally, he had the right to. Now that the money has been spent, Buhari’s witch hunt seems absolutely unnecessary. I can understand Dasuki not wanting to go down alone but you do know that since they have no proof that he actually did otherwise with the money and know that he has the power to do with the money as he pleased as the National Security Adviser, they’ve got no case. Get my drift?

Anyways, Sai Baba is wasting time. It’s been a year and asides the fact that electricity seems slightly better in Abuja and the fuel scarcity seems to be over, nothing much has changed except the fact that there’s no money in circulation and Forex is showing small business owners shege.

Please he should get a move on and focus on the things that matter, the money has been spent he should get over it already plus this beef he has with Dasuki won’t be settled this way. He should adjust jalabia and face him like a man.

In other news, can someone please shoot Emefiele? We don’t need that kind of evil in CBN’, people are trying to progress and he is busy suffocating businesses. Does he think he’s playing XBOX?

Ok so I’m done raving and off to write my Gigolo chapters

Picture credits: @nasoweseeam (Instagram)


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