The Adventures of Isys Drain: Just Jos

Warning: This adventure is full of selfies!

So Sarah invited to me a customer’s/friend’s wedding in Jos.
I wasn’t doing much this weekend so I accepted the invitation. We packed our bags, did some last minute Waka and hit the road to Jos around 4pm.

I armed myself with a book by Jeffery Archer, ‘Not a penny more, nor a penny less’ and started it as we headed out. The journey started as expected, Sarah and I singing along to our favorite songs as we navigated maraba/nyanya traffic. Then I nibbled on cheese balls and flipped through the pages of my book, Jeffery Archer always has me hooked from start to finish.

I was about 5 chapters gone by the time we hit the outskirts of abuja. As it got darker and harder to read, I snuggled into my seat.
At some point we got off a bridge and eventually came an intersection. We noticed that our driver hesitated before taking a left turn and we asked if he was sure about his whereabouts.
He said he was and we returned to what we were doing.
2 hours later, we noticed that the road had gotten quieter, bumpier and there was no sign of life. The driver insisted he knew where he was going but when we looked out for sign boards and found one soul to talk to, we realized we’d been going in the wrong direction for ages. We probably would’ve ended up in Sokoto!

We headed back to the intersection where we’d made the wrong turn. By now we were fuming, hungry and tired, after driving aimlessly for three and a half hours.
After stopping to ask for direction every couple of miles, we eventually got to Jos.
The hotel was in a place called Reyfield and was surprisingly very nice. We didn’t get to do much though, we’d missed the dinner and it was almost midnight.

We sat with bride and helped her choose what jewelry to wear courtesy of Saayers, munched on a random piece of chicken and dove under blanket to sleep off the exhausting ride.

Cut to the wedding, it was lovely. At the church I got to experience ‘Zumutan mata’ for the first time which is the local women’s choir.
And Sarah and I went on an epic selfie spree, we couldn’t help it, we looked hot abeg. 😉
See selfies below…

After dancing the bride into the reception and I had given my number to a besotted young man, we found ourselves a guide and hurried back to Abuja. It was a shame I didn’t get to spend more time in Jos but the little time I did spend was lovely enough and the veggies I bought on the way back made a mean stir fry. I’ll definitely be back.

With that anticipate the last entries of the My 2015 series, Rage and The Weekend Line-up.


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