The Adventures of Isys Drain: Abuja Choreographers Ball

Hi people, the adventures for the year have begun and today I had loads of fun at the Abuja Choreographers Ball.

I’m a sucker for dance and the arts as a whole and I was ecstatic to be at the event which was powered by Krump Dance Studios.
The event was a competition for dancers who are aspiring choreographers and gave an opportunity to dancers to show their level of skill and creativity within this context.
Dance in Nigeria is rapidly growing as an industry of its own and with it the number of dancers, professional and otherwise, are growing along with it. Unlike before, dance is finally being recognized as a career and not just a hobby and a list of successful dancers in Nigeria today have proven it’s worth as a choice of employment.

Ok so the show.
The competition was in 2 phases. First phase, the choreographers created a 2 man piece for presentation to songs of their choice. In the second round, unknown to them they were presented with a song at the event which they had to choreograph in less than 30mins with emphasis on a specific message.

I thought the concept for the competition was quite unique as it forced the contestants to apply creativity under pressure.

The contestants put up a good show with some pieces standing out more than others. I was particularly happy to see the growth of some of the participants.
Some of my favorite numbers of the evening were put together by David Nosiri, Samson Atuonwu and Funsho ‘Coachie’.

The winner who walked away with a cash prize of N100,000 was Samson Atuonwu, with Funsho as the first runner up and Bayo Adeniyi in third place.

Big ups to Krump Studios for putting together a fun event. Dance Rocks!

Bye 😉


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