Tyranny at the National Theatre Lagos

I’m so sad to write this as it literally brought tears to my eyes.
The song playing in my head is ‘… animal in human skin, animal dey wear agbada…’ God bless Fela.
It has come to my notice that the DG of the National Theatre, Kabiru Yusuf, is one of such people described in this song.

In the early hours of the 23rd January following a visit from the Minister Lai Muhammed, the artists village in National Theatre was ambushed and demolished without warning.
Gunshots went into the air and the Director General of the National Theatre went into the Artists Village armed with a gun himself and police officers and the village was pulled down. The officers were ordered to fire at will to stop people from resisting the demolishing, leaving several artisans badly injured.

Today, these artists have been robbed of their livelihood, homes, months of hard work and intellectual property due to the abuse of power and the lack of common sense.
Would it have hurt to give a notice for evacuation as opposed to point, kill and destroy as though humans beings are fish to be killed for eating. Whatever happened to the value of human life and property?

Shouldn’t Kabiru Yusuf be a representative of the art, talent and work available at the National Theatre? Shouldn’t he be a promoter of the arts? He’s turned out to be a Lagos gangster instead *smh*

This Village was home to some of the most talented artists, painters, sculptors, drummers and artisans in the country!

I’m saddened. Only days ago, a dancer Jelili Atiku was released from kirikiri for holding an event against the wishes of a traditional ruler of a community, who really had no right to rob a person of his freedom of expression. I tire oh.
Save the arts and encourage it, some economies are dependent on entertainment to keep it going. *smh*

Support for the arts and the creative industry should be encouraged. It’s a viable option for diversifying our economy and this government should really look to into arts, culture, entertainment and tourism to do that. Case study, USA, India and Dubai.

I’m done

*exits post*


2 thoughts on “Tyranny at the National Theatre Lagos

  1. Completely unnecessary… Guns?? Doesn’t make any sense..whats stopping them from giving a notice… A justifiable one that is…No respect for human rights…. Just wrong on all levels… Sighs*
    Thumbs up Isysdrain…

    Liked by 1 person

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