Meet Big Mo

BiGMO is a fun loving individual who loves music, driving, movies & has a thing with ascents. Named by his parents as Moses Nwokedi (though they now call him BIGMO), he is the 1st son & has 5 siblings.
He acquired a B.Sc in Industrial & Labour Relations from Ogun State University, Ogun State (now Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State). And is still in pursuit of academic qualifications.
He journeyed into the entertainment industry firstly as a model, then tried out comedy, before venturing into a couple of TV soaps, but started his radio career with Radio Gotel Yola, Adamawa State, but presently he is with WAZOBIA FM ABUJA.

Readers, Meet Big Mo!


  Tell us a bit about yourself

*I am Moses C. Nwokedi better known as Bigmo, I am an On Air Personality (OAP) with 99.5 Wazobia Fm Abuja. I come from family of six children and I happen to be the first son.

• How did you get started in the radio and broadcasting industry?
I have always loved the transistor radio (as we used to know it when i was younger), but i actually ventured into radio during my service year in Adamawa, this was in 2008/2009 (NYSC, Adamawa State). I was posted to a new Junior Secondary School in Mbamba, the school hours were between 12pm – 4:30 pm. This left me with some spare time and i decided to get on the buzzing radio station in Yola, called Gotel Radio.
That worked out pretty well and at the end of my service year in 2009 i returned to Lagos State (where my parents reside) to give radio a try again in December 2009. This time it was 95.1 Wazobia Fm Lagos. I did the audition and wasn’t really pleased with myself on what i did. I was already planning to send in another audition to them before i got a call from them to come for an interview in January 2010, i was employed that month. I was in Wazobia Fm Lagos before being moved to Wazobia Fm Abuja in late December 2010.    

• How has the journey been so far? And what have been your high points?
*The journey has had its lows & highs, one of my  greatest achievements was when i was able to join forces with some other youths to form a group called #Choice4Life which is an online group which was very instrumental in the passage of the VAPP Act.

• The standard of radio OAPs in Nigeria seems to have dropped over the years, what would you say is the problem and how can it be curbed?
I think most radio stations need do is to continually train and retrain their employees, this would go a long way in bringing back the finesse that comes with radio broadcasting.

• Wazobia fm is the fastest growing station in the AIM group why do think this is so?
wazobia Fm could be said to be the fastest growing radio station in the AIM Group (which consists of Cool Fm, Wazobia Fm & Nigeria Info Fm), this is due to the use of Pidgin Enlgish in its broadcast which is the language of the Nigerian masses.

• For a station that requires you to speak pidgin, how do you manage to stay eloquent and not have it affect how you speak English ?
I have a multiple personality, which has helped me adapt perfectly despite the fact that i speak Pidgin English at work.

• What other opportunities have come with this career path you have chosen?
This career has given me the opportunity to connect with the general public & the government.

• As one of the most influential radio presenters in Abuja, what advice do you have for aspiring radio presenters
My advice to aspiring radio prensenters is simple. They should ensure that they get the basic rudiments / of radio broadcasting before venturing into it, because it isn’t all about the glam but would require one investing virtually everything they have at some p int before being able to measure up with their dreams.

• Tell us about your other projects/interests you have worked on outside radio?
My first project was tagged #PrisonBreakAbuja which is aimed at enlightening the public that not all inmates are percieved bad as the general public see it and to also enlighten the inmates that the public doesnt necessary see them as evil minded persons.

• What are the major challenges that come with being a radio presenter and how best can they be handled?
The major challenge of being a radio broadcaster is that even when you don’t feel like entertaining the listeners, you have to find a way around it, because the RADIO is no different from the barracks which has to be on active. On other challeneg is that most radio broadcasters don’t get to enjoy the public holiday and festive celebration just like the general public.


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