Agege bread is the way, ask Olajumoke!

People oh, people! Miracles do happen when agege bread is the mode of operation! Now that the noise has simmered down here’s my take *winks*

I’m yet to get over this inspiring story of Olajumoke Orisaguna, bread hawker turned super model that has broken the Internet today. This unseen beauty is a wife and mother of two and has been living a humble life hawking bread while her husband installs sliding doors to keep their family afloat.

Who would’ve thought that a camera, a good eye and her ‘perfect timing’ was all it would take to bring Jumoke to the lime light! The grass to grace story of this lady courtesy TY Bello’s prowess behind the camera, has landed Olajumoke on the cover of Thisday style and I must say that not only is she a natural but a stunning beauty to behold!

This unplanned event started when Olajumoke, literally walked through the set for Tinie Tempah’s photo shoot! TY Bello caught the innocent photo bomber on camera and well you all know the rest is history. Lol!

 “The buzz about her multiplied when I clarified that she indeed wasn’t a model at all but simply stumbled on our set. I immediately began my search for her .If so many felt she was beautiful enough to be a model,then maybe she was meant to be one .I was going to find a way to make it happen .I had assistants leave word with people in the area we shot her and to my delight the very next day , she showed up at my studio. “Aso kan na ni mo wo kiri Lana .” TY recounts,
“Jumoke the ‘model’ the Internet had been searching for speaks almost no English. After a conversation with her husband telling him the story of our meeting I decided I was going to photograph her that very afternoon. Within an hour, Bimpe Onakoya , one of Nigeria’s leading makeup artists and Zubbyn one of my favorite hairstylists, were at my studio to work magic. “She stepped in front of my camera and I almost couldn’t recognize her . She moved different too. Jumoke looked straight into my lens emoting like she had done this all her life …. I knew we had found a star.” said TY Bello

Olajumoke has been offered an internship at Make-me hair and Sari salon. Also, payporte has approached her for a billboard ad. Things are definitely looking up for this young lady! I think I should go find myself some agege bread, who knows I just might get lucky!!!


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