The Adventures of Isys Drain :Tubber, Raw and Poe

So as at Friday I had planned my weekend, well i had at least planned Saturday. The plan was to go venue hunting with my new client, catch a nap at a friend’s place then head down to silverbird to be the guest judge for Raw, Krump studios street battle, after that home sweet home.

But that ship sailed the moment I was told Poe would be at the ArtinHuman exhibition, my mental brakes screeched to a halt, I backed up real quick and edited the last part of my plan.

After Raw it was straight to Traffic to eye the art and hold Poe’s hand… *swoons slightly*

InShot_20160228_104236Come Saturday I was ready and the plan went pretty smoothly. Raw was amazing, there were a lot of new faces amongst the participating dancers and of course , the performances were amazing with the highlights being Femi and Wildbuck.

The battle itself was hot and Justine emerged the fourth winner of Raw. Judging was fun, especially since I was the only chic on the panel #GirlPower #bumbumGang


After the cypher, some of the guys dropped me off at Traffic and I allowed my heart to beat in ‘tinko tinko’ fashion at the thought of meeting Poe.

Look, you can’t blame a girl. I fell in love with the guy after I saw him on Ndani Real Talk and I just kept saying to myself, omg guys like this still exist. So of course he’s my Man Crush plus he’s a creative and he’s… Ok i’ll stop there.
This, my friends, is poe.


Anyways, the exhibition was by entrepreneur and artist, Charles Oputa Jnr and consisted of pieces made from recycled tires and paint to make beautiful furniture





The art itself had a minimalist’s approach and focused more on the fusion of colour, light and the medium which was rubber (tires). It’s lovely to know that visual art is finally reclaiming its place within the creative industry.

Eventually, Poe and Vina showed up and Deola,my friend and Charles’ manager, took me to meet them.

I swear I felt myself melting into a puddle of hot chocolate the moment I shook Poe’s hand, how I kept it together I’m not sure but I managed to have a chat with him.


His appreciation of the art on display was evident and as a creative himself he connected with message the artist was portraying‎. He went on to mention his new found love for the ‘Buj having had quite an interesting time since he got into town on Friday evening, the highlight being his unplanned performance with a live band @ 09 bikers clubhouse. When asked about his style of music he said ‘ I base my music on my personal experiences so
dont say this is my style, my music is me, it’s Poe Music’. He further went on to say that given the opportunity he would definitely be willing to do more stuff in Abuja particularly in the alternative art scene.

After the chat, it was dancing with Vina, might I add that Rihanna’s work has brought the twerk I save for my bedroom to the public eye. We took pictures


and moved the party to Play and I let loose and let the derriere do the talking… I’m sure I danced enough for the next two months and as usual I was the one without a single ounce of alcohol in my system!

So’s I’m here now lying in bed waiting for my natural high to wear off and typing this adventure. As for Poe, who knows 😉

P. ‘s.  Major shout to Deola of Phoenix PR,  much love babe!


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