New Single Alert: Godiya by Threadstone

It’s here people!!!


After a two year break from the music scene,  Nigeria’s foremost rock band,  Threadstone, have announced that they will be making a comeback to release the next and possibly final album as a band.
Following the release of ‘Miracle for a Lost City’,  Threadstone had decided to take a break from the limelight to face their personal lives as well as broaden their potential beyond mainstream success.
A few weddings and a baby later,  the band feel that now is the time to release fresh sounds to express their experiences and share the new voice they have found in the process.  The upcoming album is titled ‘ now & beyond’ and is said to be dropping in the first quarter of 2016.

‘We feel the break was necessary,  every artist reaches a point where they need time off to regroup and evolve and that is exactly what we did’, explained Ajay Kafang, the lead vocalist of the band.

He further stated that existing fans were excited about this new development thus encouraging the band to raise the bar.  ‘we know our music will be accepted by an expectant audience and we owe them the best’, said Charles who is the bassist and producer of Threadstone.
With this and a lot more to come,  the comeback of Threadstone will definitely be a welcome addition to the the Nigerian music scene.


Download and listen to Godiya here




tell us what you think and follow Threadstone on twitter @threadstonerox and instagram @threadstone_rox



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