Wakaa waka’s to London’s West End

Wakaa the Musical, a production by BAP productions #Terrakulture  is going to London!


Following the success of its first production ‘Saro’, BAP productions staged its second show, Wakaa, last Christmas in Lagos and it was a major success with rave reviews.

Wakaa: The Musical, is a thrilling tale of four friends who set off to find themselves in the real world after graduating from university. Starring Bimbo Manuel, Dolapo Oni, Ozzy Agwu and many more, the show was definitely one worth watching


Over the past few years, BAP productions has played a prominent role in redefining and promoting the theatre industry in Nigeria. The creative director, Bolanle Austen Peters has raised the bar and set a new standard for theatre productions nation wide.
Today, she has taken it up a notch by exporting our art and culture to London, making Wakaa the first Nigerian Musical to make it to the West End.


With aim of the new government to diversify the Nigerian economy, alternative entertainment is indeed a viable sector to invest in so as to yield both domestic and international income. In countries like the USA, entertainment is responsible for generating pla huge chunk of the country’s income.

With BAP productions at the forefront of this movement, now more than ever, is the time to encourage and promote the arts in Nigeria. Revival of places like the National Theatre Lagos, Cyprian Ekwensi Arts and Culture in Abuja and much, would go a long way in encouraging artists and even investors to be part of this budding sector.

As we say, performing isn’t a hobby, it’s a career and what better way to present and export our culture than through the arts?

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