Smile… Again

So the situation of the country is still as hot as the last time we smiled. Budgets haven’t been approved, the queues at the filling stations are growing longer and black market sellers now sell fuel pumps for all your jerry can needs, talk about value added services.


Even my smiling is by added effort but we must believe in the better days ahead. Today was probably one of the most trying days for me. My sister was in an awful funk, we got nabbed by VIO and I managed to miss my meeting! Did the day end badly, it did sadly and here I am typing up a post to ask you to smile, again!


It’s OK to have a moment of weakness, to yell, scream, shout and just let it all out! At times like this expression is the way to escape depression but after everything let it go and spare a smile for yourself and your loved ones, knowing that you’ve lived to survive another day.

Don’t take out your frustrations on the ones you love (or at least try hard not to) but share how you feel so you can get through it together. Find productive ways to distract yourself from the negative and pray for the Nigeria you want to see



It’s only for a while, change is a slow process but with time it will get better. 
I’m off to share a smile with someone, are you?


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