Kate Henshaw talks on health, fitness and the African Hair Summit

So the natural hair trend that swept the country a few years ago has come to stay  and quite a few celebrities have embraced this.


Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw is one of these people and she has taken it a step further by becoming the Brand Ambassador for the upcoming African hair Summit

I got the chance to interview her and find out her take on natural hair, staying healthy and the African Hair Summit


Please introduce yourself,  tell us a bit about you.

I am Kate Henshaw, an Actress and business woman
I am a graduate of medical microbiologist from LUTH.  I started my acting career 23yrs ago.

– What new projects have you been working on? 

I have been working on a few projects but  just finished a short film few days ago.

-You have become very focused on fitness and maintaining  a healthy lifestyle,  what motivated this? 

I started exercising 10yrs ago but was not too serious about it. About 5years ago, I intensified my commitment to working out diligently. I want to be fit and healthy for as long as I can.  The benefits of a fit lifestyle are innumerable. I can not remember when last I was in hospital for any major illness


– Should we expect a workout  DVD from you any time soon? 

My first workout DVD was about 3 years ago. I have had a lot of requests to release another.  I am working on it.

– So what inspired you to go to natural?  

I wanted my hair back. I was tired of the damage that had occurred due to usage of processed hair products. Though my hair had length, it did not look healthy to me.


– Share your natural hair journey with us

I was part of the cast for a stage play some 5years ago and two of the other cast had lovely natural hair.  Before then in 2012, I was inspired by Adesuwa Oyenokwe, Publisher of TW magazine to go natural. I remembered how my hair was before I got into high school. It was beautiful and I decided to go natural, back to my roots…the basics.

– Why did you decide to become the ambassador for the African Hair Summit? 

I believe that we as Africans need to embrace who we are as a people, including our hair. When Adanna, the convener of the summit, approached me, my interest was piqued because this was something I was passionate about and I have gone through the journey. I have not met her though but I was sold on the idea and gave it my full support.

– Tell us a bit about the African Hair Summit and what to expect

The African Hair Summit like the name suggests is a two day workshop that will encourage people who are natural to be proud of their decision. It will also show case natural hairstyles, products and services in this area. It will also highlight the dangers of processed/ chemical products on African Hair.

– What is your advice for women who are about to start their own natural hair journey?

For those wanting to start, I will say, bite the bullet and go for it. It does not make you less of who you are. I will say be patient and embrace the journey and you will come out all smiles in the end.


I couldn’t agree more.

Who’s ready to join the natural hair movement? To find out about more the African Hair Summit 2016 visit http://www.africanhairsummit.org


3 thoughts on “Kate Henshaw talks on health, fitness and the African Hair Summit

  1. My advice is be prepared to be amazed at just how exceptional our hair really is! Every step of the way you learn something new each time & you should def embrace them. & give time time, your hair is growing even when it doesn’t seem like it.

    Great post!


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