My 2016: Focus

2015 wasn’t  exactly my bestest (not an actual word) of years but it had its perks that made it fun and okay.    I wasn’t expecting so much from 2016, to be honest. Maybe,  because I didn’t start the year with new year rice; God I love Rice, but it’s still not my favourite food though (and No, Coffee isn’t either… Because I’m Batman ). *clears throat* ehen,  what was I even saying sef? 

Ehen!  Yes 2016, I’m not even going to attempt to jump off on anything political (who that one don epp? ) and I don’t do new year resolutions, why? Because I’m Batman!!!!! 

The life of an upcoming actor isn’t always easy, with my failed African Magic TV series audition from 2015, to another failed reality show audition with Ebony Life TV, at the beginning of 2016…Wait Oo,  the way I put “failed” twice makes me seem like one big OLODO but I’m not Oo (I know book small,  shebi I did one small Web series like that Discovering ABJ? Ehen go check it out ). 

Anyway, despite that,  things didn’t start out so easy because  I carried my ‘broke-ness’ from 2015 to 2016, due to my fear of doing drugs, joining bad gang, getting caught, going to prison and being anal-ly raped (I didn’t steal this from boondocks, Walai I also have that fear too) .

So, because I really didn’t want to starve to death( because I’m Batman)  I realised I could actually make some bucks on the side with something I had been giving people for free and do you know what that thing is? Wanna guess? (Nope, it’s not saving the people of Gotham) it’s err… wait for it…

wait small 

You’re actually still waiting??

Okay here it goes…  

CHIN-CHIN and ZOBO!!! Yep, you read correctly. I started making Chin-chin and zobo and guess what? People actually liked it. I call it “FOKISS Chin-chin “and the sales have be amazing,  most times. So Yay! Hurray for the Bats!.

Cool Fm was where I started my sales and it’s been awesome,  oh speaking about cool fm… Do you know I now produce the Movie show I was once a guest on in 2015? Isn’t that awesome? I didn’t think that would EVER happen but it did, so thanks 2016. Also,  I escaped  from one of the most populated countries (after China and Facebook) the much dreaded Friend zone,  with one Fine Igbo gal (story for another day)  and it doesn’t stop there.  I also met one of the most beautiful,  amazingly talented and lovely ladies ever,  Nenny_b of HOT FM (God,  if you think beautiful people with a big heart are finished in this world..then you haven’t met Nenny_b and we’re now friends, thanks again 2016)…. Let’s get back on track shall we?   

I really never expected much out of 2016 but things did happen, maybe not big things but at least,  you understand na… Oh,  did I tell you about the death threats Mc Bluetooth and I got for some movies we reviewed?  Hmm, Nollywood wee not kill us and that’s another story for another day. Even,  this thing has even reminded me of the fact that I opened a movie account because of the movie calendar of 2016?

From Deadpool to Civil War to seeing the world’s finest on the big screen, for the first time Batman vs Superman (say what you like about that movie,  it won’t change the price of dollar), Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange. Anyway,  it was a good year for Comic book fans… even with the movie account, the  recession had to show me that not everything goes how you plan it because  I couldn’t watch all the movies I wanted. *sigh* It’s sorta been a hard year, not just for me but for most yet we managed to pull through.  I guess,  that’s what makes us Awesometacular.

With that,  I shall be going into 2017 with my head high and my cape flapping behind me, to see what it has got in store for me.  I don’t have great expectations, I just hope for the best of whatever life brings,  you know why? [Because I’m Batman]

Love y’all and SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY err… I mean Next year


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