My 2016: Yaasky

I remember the impromptu dancing

Which quickly escalated to a party

I was jamming to gospel gbedu

2am January 1st morning

Later that day with tired knees and feet

I made plans for my 2016

Spoken word, instruments, Martial arts

Twas a long list filled with hopes and dreams

February went by so fast that

The months marched steadily into March

This was when I got to meet Isys Drain

A beautiful soul and a kind heart

March also brought us Tamerri

Feat’ring Naija’s finest artistes

I performed on that stage, you know

Besides the best, besides the kings

Bez, Brymo, Mike Wonder, Dike

CEF, Elle, Jable, all of them came

To foster interconnectedness

As spoken-word and music played

My spoken-word lit up that night

You should have seen the bright lights

I felt like a superstar seeing

Guys and babes fainting left and right

My April May have flown past June

My poetry found a whole new use

I started getting radio gigs

And offers I could not refuse

And in June also came that spark

Passion, profitable and pleasant

To my colleague ALS poets

Aswear, na una sure pass

I wrote like a made man in June

Poems, stories, lyrics to tune

I wrote 303 poems

From January to June

“Oya ga’an publish a book”

My friends would oft urge me to do

But that was not on my plans-list

So I din’t listen to my crew

Abuja lit up in July

My homies had plans for Dubai

They didn’t know… they didn’t know

That Abuja would be live.

August reminded me my age

And the wrinkles on my face

That my mates have daughters and sons

I never do common marriage

Not a bother though, life was good

Poetry, sports, and software too

All were showing signs of promise

I had no regrets, not at all.

Then came the -ember months

Reminding me of recession

How am I to travel home

With ticket prices rising up?

If I was to summarize

2016 has been live

I am thankful for poetry

A new expression, a new life!


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