My 2016 : Toju

​MY 2016

After weeks of delay and Madam Isys dropping countless reminders about me missing my deadline, I find myself writing about my 2016 in the kitchen as I prepare okra soup with plenty pomo, smoked fish and iru. As I do this, I have before me a glass of chilled red wine and Falz’s and Simi’s Chemistry album playing in the background – the life ba? Don’t be deceived o! All na bleaching. 

So, how do I start this? My 2016, could be summarized in one word – FACKING RECESSION. Okay,  maybe two words. To what seems like a few weeks back, I remember writing about my 2015. Then, the US dollar to a naira was about $1 to N250 (and we were complaining) Obama was President, we thought Donald Trump was a clown and The artiste formally known as Prince was alive – imagine! 365 days is time enough to prove to us that,  we actually have little or no control over what the future might be. But seriously though, am I the only one that feels like this year  went by pretty fast? I digress, back to my 2016.

 I will give it to you straight, no sugar coating, this Baba Bu dispensation hasn’t been easy at all! In fact, I’m tempted to beg him to stop fighting this his ‘quaraption’  because if this is how corruption fights back, I concede. You haff win!

Well, the year started on a high, with lots of hopes and expectations, there was a plan, there were projects to be done and money to be made. Even though I don’t make new year resolutions, I was certain on one part of my life I wanted to work on – having a good saving plan. I was psyched, ready, gingered. Then somewhere there, right around the start of the second quarter of the year, like a thief in the afternoon, things started to do “wan kin wan kin”. I don’t think anyone “hexperedit”. Projects began to stall, many stopped and the phrase “everywhere is dry” was heard more often and just like that the plans were gone like “puff!”. We had to adjust and make new plans. 

The second, third and early part of the fourth quarter of the year got me feeling like Jack Bauer (dodging bullets and racing against time). Earlier in the year, I put up a picture on Instagram that read “Due to recent budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off”, walahi talahi, it really felt like so but we kept at it (it wasn’t easy o) and by the final quarter of the year things started to come together. 

You know that part in the bible, that talks about God providing for his children? Well, you cannot argue with that. Somehow, things get to work out, it might not be the same way you might have planned it or at the same timeframe but you’ve gotta give it to the Big Guy upstairs, He sure does take care of His own. One of my songs of the year under review is Travis Greene’s “He’s Intentional” where he sings; “All things are working for my good”. Cool right?

On a much lighter and happier note, my closest friend got married November of 2016 and with that came my last Best man duty. Yes, I’ve thrown in the towel, don’t call me if you are looking for a best man, I’m done! As the wedding came to an end,  I felt like Jesus Christ just before He died right when He said “It is finished”. Oh yes, I was knighted ‘the king of boys’ by my friend’s uncle *rolls eye* (like I don’t know what that means) .

Anyways, all roads now lead to 2017 and I’m hoping that all the plans and investments made in 2016 mature this year (2017). We are not giving up, what could be worse than a recession? Don’t say it!!! 

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