My 2016: Shola

​Place : Office, screen slightly turned away from the boss.  

Music: Stop & Stare by One Republic

*Skips YouTube ad*

I laugh every time people talk about New Year resolutions. I like to just go commando into the year and let every new thing surprise me. At least that is what I tell myself. The truth is you can’t start a new year without actually making plans of some sort and more importantly,  writing them down somewhere (usually a blog you write in just once a year)
So I dug deep into an old blog post and extracted three things I promised I would achieve in 2016. *hands gavel to the congregation*
First one was “Give Love a second chance”. Pretty typical yeah? I thought so too. I smashed this one out of the park. I didn’t stop at the second. I did the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eight (the last three all at once) with a lot of potential going into the holidays. Let’s just say it has been an incredibly busy year and *dies a little inside*love will come when it will come abeg. I will just go ahead and put that down as a carry-over.
Second One was “Get a challenging career”. So… imagine me in January right, new business suit, stepping out of my apartment going to a job I hoped would drain me mentally. I was expecting to be the guy always staring purposefully out of a window, rubbing killer ideas out of my chin just in time for the big presentation. I wanted it all and was willing to give it all. Name it…trips out of town, hours on the weekend, late nights in the office, pizza, coffee powered by 9 am’s on the island, more pizza…. You name it. Life as I’m sure you have guessed had other plans. I was so busy thinking about the actual job, I made a small miscalculation. My colleagues (who you must have noticed were not in the picture I just painted) went to the gym to run on the treadmill against accountability, others did sit-ups to improve their abdication *wink*, the rest simply did lifts to build biceps that will help them take plans apart and calves that will help then run home after doing that. Be careful what you wish for.
Third one was “Learn to walk like Samuel L. Jackson”. This I had to do because my mentor kept pointing out that I wouldn’t win boardrooms over because I had a terrible slouch. Samuel L Jackson because that has to be one of the best postured human beings on earth. I mean,  he swears a lot and appears to have anger issues in all his movies, but ever since I saw him walk down that hallway in Pulp Fiction,  I believed that anyone would buy anything from me if I walked like that. So yeah, got that one in the bag. I should probably mention that said mentor walked away and left me behind. 
Apart from trying to quit drinking and shamelessly getting hammered in the first week of February, I did pretty well, considering the economy. Being alive and sane at the end is the biggest victory of them all.

Oh and I already have plans for this year. And I feel pretty good about them too. 
In June 2017 I, will see Coldplay live. Spain, Cardiff, Paris, Rome…now that I think about it, I haven’t planned for anything as much as I have planned for this, so it must happen. I don’t care if it happens quietly or if I feature on daily mail being dragged by the police out of…you know what, I don’t want to talk about this. It will happen. That’s that.
Oh and in 2017 I will start a Motor Vlog. That’s pretty much all I have for now. I love surprises.



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