Cheers to the New Year

Cheers to the New Year

OK, so 2017 is here and ‘My2016’ series continues because deadlines are like African time to Nigerians, consistent. Not that I’m complaining, I love my contributors.

That said, let’s get the New year motivational speech out of the way real quick. Yeah, the year is new; No ,you haven’t changed from black to white (unless you’re bobrisky) fat to thin or stupid to smart. You did however, make it into the New Year so, be thankful.

I would advise you to bury the ‘New year resolution’ idea, it is the longest lasting ponzi scheme ever liveth. All talk, no action, kinda like MMM. *dodges mmm bullets from the freshly scorned*

Bottom line, resolutions are never realistic and end, as quickly as spoken. Goals however, along with a plan to achieve them, are way more feasible. If you’ve never tried setting goals before then you may just end up stumbling through the year but here’s how I’d go about it, if I were you

– Identify the things that you want out the year

– Separate your wants from your needs ; now this is usually where the power tussle begins, but stay true to yourself no matter how depriving it might seem

– List your needs based on how achievable they are

– Set goals

– Then create plans to achieve them

Trust me, all the grammar above is easier said than done but you have to believe you can get through it and be downright stubborn about it, no matter what. It’s easy to blame people, the universe, the weather and even God for your failures but until you realise that the only obstacle between you and your goals is you, you will remain completely stagnant.

Oya, I’m done preaching. Here’s to the New Year and hope for great things to come. Amoshine!!! ( urgh I hope that guy doesn’t drop another ‘hit’ )


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