Music Review: The Isomers

Music Review: The Isomers
The Isomers

I stumbled on ‘Love, A Kite and A Rock’ by The Isomers, while nosing around the ‘gram and it struck a chord.

This song beautifully talks about believing in the love you have with someone,no matter the obstacles. The Isomers are an extremely talented alternative band who have created a sound that is simple,calming and catchy. Their vibe brings to mind the likes of Joshua Radin, Howie Day and James Blunt. 

A Nigerian band with a lot of promise, The Isomers have stayed true to their sound and have produced songs that can’t help but be memorable. If music with actual lyrics, depth and no gimmicks appeals to you, then I suggest you listen to Love, A kite and a rock.

Rating: 3.5/5


One thought on “Music Review: The Isomers

  1. Hello.

    We are excited to let you know that Bantu will be hosting The Isomers on 28th January 2017. They will be headlining this month’so Bantu Sessions.

    Bantu Sessions (brain child of Bantu) is a monthly event where artists featured deliver amazing live performances. The vibe is always energetic and inspiring. We hope you join us for this edition with The Isomers.

    Address: 14 Fez Streethe off Kumasi Crescent Wuse 2 Abuja.

    Also, please spread the word. Our social media handles is @bantustudio



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