My 2016: Esohe

2016, was my year of learning and growth.

By this time in 2015, my spirit was groaning for progress, so after my NYSC I gave myself free the time to grow, time to look around, have  no attachments and try to find my place on planet earth. Easy, you might think but if you grow up in Nigeria where everyone thinks they know what is best for you, taking time out to roam free and define thyself is definitely not easy.

I had given myself a time frame but once I realized that I should be on my feet and running, it appeared that the forces greater than us thought differently.

I fought my way through; believing that I was ready but there were road blocks everywhere. This was the most frustrating time I had had in a long time. Fortunately,  it was during this time that I met Psun while volunteering as a History Teacher in a public school.  I clearly remember him saying to me “..don’t fight it. When the time is ready doors will open without you trying so hard”. I took his words to heart and would never take that valuable lesson for granted.

As a Nigerian, the word ‘chill’ makes very little sense. We are movers who want to achieve all good things now, fight now and never take last, no dulling… Lol. But in 2016, I refused to fight and struggle, in short I “dulled” very-very well by Nigerian standards. I even tried my hardest not to yell or horn at crazy drivers on the streets of Abuja. My motto was to let my head work, allow my spirit lead me, and let life happen.

In 2016, I truly came to understand that I share the planet with other people, each of us on our individual journeys, fighting different demons, experiencing life differently. To find my peace and joy, I decided to do the best I can and make provision for disappointments because they most definitely will come. Will I be the same in 2017? *shrugs* I don’t know, but I think I really enjoy knowing that e get where my power take dey reach.

Peace and love to all.

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