My 2016: Deola

My 2016: Deola

Deola Ademokoya

My 2016 started off with me being giddy and excited about the New Year, although it clearly didn’t look as tough as doomsday Sayers had predicted, I was ecstatic to conquer and build. Now a lot of people looked at the year as hammed but I decided nothing would break my spirit. 
Of course, in the course of this optimism; side swipes and disasters came a-knocking, from internal company issues to loss of friends, family friends and lots of money, investments down the drain… 

Oh, I was mad, broken and so angry that I snuck into an anti-depressive state for a few months, while still plastering a smile on my face because my job role is all about keeping up appearances…
So here’s a brilliant start to 2016 and an extremely bumping season of tears, blood, sweat and a lot of tears. The company’s at an all time low, the business partner is off to china to be bigger and better than we prayed, but there was an emptiness, a void lingering inside. So I did the next best thing to seeking  a therapist… I sought the two people I could count on… God and self. 

There is an extreme beauty in talking to God, not as your maker or father but as your friend, a friend whose love is overwhelming, undeserved and freely given. I sought to understand my flaws, the need for an internal change to bring about my earthly desires.

 First of all, I am a Christian, I may not be extremely tongue speaking, body shaking, chair lifting spiritual but I do know how to quietly communicate with God when I need to, so that’s what I did. 

After that self evaluation began ( I must admit the quest is still on but in itself that is what was needed and still is) a journey of self discovery not just for the person that is Adeola Ademokoya, CEO Phinix PR and Media consults limited but for the person who wants more out of life and her business. 

Oh look at me rant. Anyway, my 2016 has been a journey of understanding negated by patience, endurance and hard work.

 I would do it all again if it would guide me effectively but 2017…. Here I come learned, understood and finally convinced of who I am and what I finally want. It may often take years but… the journey is always worth it. 


One thought on “My 2016: Deola

  1. I’m on the road to self discovery too. Infact, almost every year. Lol.
    But read Rick Warren’s book on purpose. Makes the evaluation simpler.
    All the best.


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