My 2016: Feranmi 

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!!!


Phew! I made in time to rant about 2016. Isys love – it’s part of the year’s drama.

Naija style – a tale of romance, action, laughter, tears, thrill, sci-fi and what else do those people say sef?

2016 was insane. It was tough. It taught me a new meaning of love. It was faster than Ferrari world’s roller coaster and scarier than the jumeirah sceirah, but still yummier than the perfect sea food platter, Iya Amala (on a hot Monday Bankers afternoon) or your edible poison whatever that is.

January- an anniversary and then a new life smack in the middle of winter.

 February- a flight back home to reality, love’s first date after the bump and a new life.

March- Back to work, play group, no nanny and Err… A new life.

April- Our first road trip, Easter and then a new life.

May- my month, becoming the family doctor and still a new life.

June- A little breather and c’mon sing it with me- a new life.

July-my man, and yep- a new life.

 August- parties, the realization of no summer vacay and a weaning tyke.

September- salsa, the shingles and crawling tyke.

October- jeez… Independence, the economic slap and a standing tyke.

November- Weightloss, Dance and a few adventures,

December- a Christmas that made up for the whole year and a semi-walking tyke!

Y’all get the zing! It was a lot about my tyke.

This year helped me realize how strong I am, how much I love my man crush and how much of a mom I’ve become. I learnt about choices, priorities and thanks to President Bubu, Nigerian brands- lol. I had fun- yeah, in ways you can’t imagine, ways even I didn’t think I could.

It wasn’t a bed of roses- ’twas more like that nice plate of efo riro- remember uncle Bubu said Naij brands.

It was spicy and sweet, and had those bites that would make you squeeze your face but then again, a hunger that’d keep you going.

It was filled with family, new and old friends and memories that’ll definitely last forever- but best and biggest, it was filled with life.

As long as that’s there, there’s everything to hope for, everything to believe in and everything to build up on.

Without sappy statements and blabbing about my personal closet, 2016 was worth it. Every year is because it has you in it. And 2017 is totally worth waltzing into- with my full Christmas belly, my three left legged dancer of a hubby, my little dig-it man, my entire Fuji house of commotion family, my sick-ass friends and a whole world of possibilities.


Ifeoluwa Adediran, this was to keep my promise so sorry it ain’t as crisp as I’d usually write- I owe you one. Heck I’ll dedicate my first blog post to you. But I love you like sugar and I can’t wait to rock this new year and shake shake shake through every month.

Nappy Yew Hear people! 

Thanks a zillion.


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